Best Places to Elope in NYC – Gardens

Best Places to Elope – NYC Gardens

Anyone who grew up in NYC is probably familiar with the Botanical Gardens. Feelings of nostalgia may arise remembering school field trips to visit the NYC Botanical Gardens during the spring and summer months. Popular for tourist and native New Yorkers, the family of Botanical Gardens in NYC has offered a gorgeous setting for over 100 years! Fortunately for many engaged couples seeking an affordable natural setting for their NYC elopement, the Botanical Gardens are also available for wedding cermonies! In addition to the gorgeous NYC Botanical Gardens, the Big Apple is also home to several smaller gardens that may be right for your intimate elopement. Our wedding photographers and video team are always excited to work in the various gardens of NYC and take full advantage of the gorgeous setting no matter the time of year. Keep reading to get the inside scoop on our top picks for the best places to elope in NYC gardens and be sure to check them out in person to see which one is right for your big day!

Snug Harbor Botanical Garden – Staten Island

Located on Staten Island, Snug Harbor Botanical Garden is a hidden gem that offers couples a tranquil haven for their elopement. Often overlooked, this Botanical Garden is a great option for couples who want to get away from the crowds that tend to gather at the more frequented Botanical Gardens in the Bronx and Brooklyn. With its diverse collection of plants, serene ponds, and charming gazebos, Snug Harbor Botanical Garden provides a picturesque setting for an intimate ceremony. Fun Fact; Snug Harbor Botanical Garden is also very popular for large weddings and our team of photographer and videographers are proud to be listed as a preferred vendor for Celebrate at Snug Harbor, the managing company for weddings at the Staten Island Garden.

Snug Harbor Botanical Garden Cost

Location Cost: $125- $350

Couples who want to elope at Snug Harbor Botanical Garden are required to get a special event permit. The permit grants you access to the garden for two hours and has the option of including the Chinese Garden (more info on that garden below) or doing your elopement ceremony and photos in Snug Harbor without access to the Chinese Garden. Couples getting married in Snug Harbor Botanical Garden can choose any day of the week between the hours of 9am – 8pm. The garden also allows rain dates based on availablity which is a great option if it rains on your wedding day.

All In Cost: $624 and up

Once you book the special events permit and add one of our experienced Snug Harbor Botanical Garden photographers your all in cost can be as low as $624.00. Of course we recommend booking at least 2 hours of photography to take advantage of the amazing locations throughout Snug Harbor Botanical Garden and you can also book one of our experienced officiants to perform your wedding ceremony. Our build your own package tool allows you to choose the items you need and stay in charge of your budget for your Snug Harbor Botanical Garden elopement.

Best places to elope in Snug Harbor Botanical Garden

New York Chinese Scholar Garden

The New York Chinese Scholar’s Garden, located within the Snug Harbor Botanical Garden is a unique and tranquil oasis that transports couples back to ancient China. This authentic Chinese garden, completed in 1999, was designed and built by a team of 40 Chinese artists and craftsmen from Suzhou, one of China’s renowned garden cities. Designed in the style of a classical Ming Dynasty garden, our photographers love capturing wedding photos in the New York Chinese Scholar Garden. This garden is popular for elopements and large weddings which often use the space for cocktail hour.

Location perks

  • Water features – ponds, streams, and waterfalls are integral components of the Chinese Garden and offer a sense of tranquility
  • Unique setting – the only one of its kind in NYC, eloping at this location is a unique experience!
  • Cultural experience – couples who elope in the New York Chinese Scholar Garden get to immerse themselves in the peaceful ambiance, appreciating the garden’s architectural marvels and beauty of ancient Chinese aesthetics right in the heart of New York City.(the location is also very popular for wedding tea ceremonies)

Insider Tips

The Chinese Garden is pretty popular so our elopement photographers suggest scheduling your Snug Harbor wedding for a weekday if possible or before noon on a weekend

See more of our wedding photos in the New York Chinese Scholar Garden below:

Samantha & Jonathan Snug Harbor Wedding , Alyssia and Jermaine Snug Harbor Wedding

The Alee’

Don’t let the name of this popular location in Snug Harbor Botanical Garden fool you. The Alee’ (the french word for avenue) which sounds alot like “Alley” is not a dark and creepy walkway but instead an enchanting tunnel covered in lush greenery and blooming flowers when in season. The Alee’ has served as a romantic location for wedding photos in Snug Harbor Botanical Garden and may be the perfect place for your intimate ceremony!

Location perks

  • “Private” location that creates an enclosed space for your vow exchange
  • Unique wedding photos

Insider Tips

After your Snug Harbor Botanical Garden wedding ceremony in The Alee, be sure to take a walk over to the White Garden for newlywed photos!

Tuscan Garden

Last, but certainly not least, The Tuscan Garden is a great option for your Snug Harbor Botanical Garden elopement. Modeled after the exquisite Villa Gamberaia in Florence, the Tuscan Garden features flowing water fountains, olive and lemon trees in an early Renaissance architectural layout. You just might forget you are in NYC!

Location perks

  • Stone paved walkways
  • Flowing water fountains
  • Beautiful architecture

Insider Tips

Open from April to October, our elopement photographers suggest the Tuscan Garden during the spring and summer months when the tropical flowers are in full bloom!

Brooklyn Botanic Garden – Brooklyn

Imagine having access to Cherry Blossoms, wetlands and Japanese inspired architecture all within 30 minutes of Manhattan? If you weren’t familiar with the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, you’d probably think we were pulling your leg! Situated in the Prospect Park section of Brooklyn, the well known Botanical Garden is not only popular for full weddings (the garden has two venues on the grounds) but also attracts thousands of visitors every year thanks to the gorgeous gardens, cultural events and workshops offered there. Our photography team have captured many wedding ceremonies there as well as engagement photos at Brooklyn Botanic Garden!

Brooklyn Botanical Garden Wedding Cost

Location Cost: $600

Wedding ceremonies in Brooklyn Botanic Garden require a permit giving couples access to the park for 1 hour. All ceremonies must take place between the hours of 9am and 10am so this NYC garden is perfect for early birds. The $600 fee covers up to 50 guest and allows couples to choose from the Water Garden, Rose Garden, Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden, Osborne Garden, or Plant Family Collection for their ceremony

All In Cost: $1099 and up

Depending on the Elopement package you choose, all in cost can be is around $1100 with the permit and 1 hour of photography to cover your time in the garden. Add in one of our experienced officiants to make it legal and you are looking at around $1600 for your all inclusive elopement package. Play around with our elopement package builder to figure out the best package for you!

Location perks

  • Perfect for early birds
  • Unique wedding experience with access to several gardens
  • Easily accessible for your guest
  • Less crowded than other gardens since ceremonies take place before opening

Insider Tips

After your morning elopement consider booking the parlor room for a private brunch at one of our favorite intimate Brooklyn wedding venues, Maison May

Best Places to Elope in Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Japanese Garden : One of the standout features of the BBG is the Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden, which is one of the oldest and most visited Japanese-inspired gardens outside Japan. It includes a pond, a Shinto shrine, a tiered waterfall, and various meticulously pruned trees and shrubs, creating a serene atmosphere reminiscent of traditional Japanese gardens. Our photographers love capturing beautiful elopements in the Japanese Garden!

Check out an elopement our team captured in the Japanese Botanical Garden

Also check out the other Botanical Gardens of NYC in the links below for more location ideas for your botanical garden wedding!

New York Botanical Garden – Bronx / Queens Botanical Garden – Queens

Conservatory Garden – Central Park

A hidden gem within New York City’s Central Park, the Conservatory Garden is one of the most popular formal gardens in NYC. Located in the northeastern section of the park, between 104th and 106th streets, this six-acre garden is a serene oasis that offers a peaceful escape from the bustling city streets. Our elopement photographers love capturing wedding ceremonies in the Conservtory Garden ! The garden features a beautiful fountain, 3 distinct areas including French-style North Garden, the Italianate Center Garden, and the English-style South Garden all accessible through the ornate wrought- iron Vandderbilt Gate.

Location Cost: $400

Couples who want to have their Central Park wedding ceremony must apply for the $400 permit through Central Park’s special events website. The permit is mandatory and allows up to 100 guest!

All In Cost: $899 and up

Depending on the Central Park elopement package you choose, all in cost starts at $899. Couples are required to apply for the permit themselves and our team takes care of the rest. We suggest at least 2 hours of photography to have time to cover your Central Park elopement and newlywed photos afterwards throughout the garden. (We also offer NYC officiants who have performed hundreds of Central Park wedding ceremonies!)

Location perks

  • A formal feel without the “formal” price tag
  • Easily accessible from public transportation
  • A designated “quiet zone” so less crowded and nosey than other public gardens in NYC

Insider Tips

After your ceremony, take a few moments alone to walk through the garden and enjoy the scenery (our photographer can capture photos of your excited family members at this time!)

Best Places to Elope in the Conservatory Garden

Wisteria Pergola : Overlooking the fountain,The pergola is a long, narrow structure with a roof consisting of wooden beams or trellises covered in lush, flowering wisteria vines. It serves both as a decorative element and a functional structure, providing a shaded walkway and shelter in case of rain. The pergola also has seats made from stone that provide the perfect location for your guest to enjoy your ceremony!

Center Garden Alee’: A romantic walkway in the Center Garden, the Alee’ (much like the Alee in Snug Harbor Botanical Garden) is a beautiful paved path surrounded by trees. Very romantic and also semi-private for couples who want to exchange vows in a more private setting.

That concludes Part 2 of our Best Places to Elope in NYC series. While we chose to focus on a few of the larger well-known gardens in NYC, there are several other gardens (including indoor gardens) you may want to consider for your NYC garden elopement! Be sure to check some of our suggestions in the links below and stayed tuned for part 3 of our Best Places to Elope in NYC series where we will explore some of NYC’s rooftops!

Wave Hill – Bronx

Juliette Williamsburg Winter Garden Resturant

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