Best Places to Elope in NYC – Parks

Best Places to Elope – NYC Parks

It’s no surprise to our elopement professionals that one of the most frequently searched questions for weddings in New York is “what are the best places to elope in NYC”. Naturally, once a couple decides to elope the next question is “where”? Typically couples who choose to elope do so because they want an intimate option without the hefty price tag often associated with NYC weddings. Some couples even travel from other countries for a NYC destination wedding and combine their wedding day and honeymoon in one! No matter your reason for choosing to elope in NYC, there are tons of options for great locations.

While NYC is known for its skyscrapers, bustling city streets, and NYC skyline views, some couples want a more natural setting for their big day. Thankfully, New York is also known for its beautiful parks and gardens and our elopement photographers and professionals always love working in these gorgeous locations. Below are our top picks for the best places to elope if you are interested in a park and/or garden setting for your big day!


Of course we had to start with one of the most famous parks in the world, NYC’s Central Park! Offering over 800 acres of gardens, ponds, lakes, wooded areas, romantic paved walkways, and more, Central Park is the most visited park in the Big Apple. The famous urban park attracts over 42 million couples, tourists, and locals alike! (our elopement photographers are proud to be counted in that number).

So what makes Central Park so special and why have thousands of couples chosen Central Park as the best place to elope in NYC? Besides the delicious hot dog and pretzel stands, Central Park offers an array of locations for couples to exchange vows for FREE! Yes, you read that right $0! Of course, there are some exceptions (see below for more details on that) but for the vast majority of couples planning a Central Park wedding, the cost is minimal!

Below are some of our top picks for the best places to elope in Central Park and details on the cost.

Central Park Wedding Cost

Location Cost: $0 – $25

Fortunately, if your group has lless than 25 people you don’t need a permit to get married in Central Park. However, our our elopement team recommends it to ensure you have the time and location locked in for your wedding date. Fortunately the permit for most locations is only $25! You can purchase the permit directly through the NYC Parks special permit site.

All In Cost: $499 and up

Depending on the Central Park Elopement package you choose, all in cost can be as low as $499! Add in one of our experienced Central Park Officiants to make it legal and you are looking at around $999 with an hour of photography included! Play around with our elopement package builder to figure out the best package for you!

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Best places to elope in Central Park

Wagner Cove

Sitting on the edge of The Lake (another popular NYC elopement location in the park), Wagner Cove is perfect for intimate weddings of 2- 20 people. To access Wagner Cove our elopement photographers suggest entering the park at 72nd and Central Park West (its about a 5 minute walk to the cove). This location offers a beautiful wooden shelter with two benches. Surrounded by foliage, Wagner Cove provides a private setting away from the typical Central Park crowd with only one entrance and exit down a path of stone steps (so romantic!)

Location perks

  • Best place to elope for a “private” and less crowded option
  • Waterfront location on a lake
  • Romantic , Whimsical feel

Insider Tips

Rev Samora of Common Ground Ceremonies has been officiating NYC weddings for 14 years and votes Wagner Cove as the best place to elope in NYC! She loves the water view and the intimate “hidden” setting for couples who want privacy on their big day. See more of our weddings with Rev Samora in the links below..

Romantic Castle Wedding with Rev Samora , Intimate Wine Bar Elopement with Rev Samora,

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Bow Bridge

One of the most iconic features in Central Park, Bow Bridge is the perfect choice for couples looking for a unique NYC elopement location. Bow Bridge is an elegant structure that gracefully arches over The Lake. Surrounded by the natural beauty of Central Park, Bow Bridge offers a sense of serenity amidst the bustling city, creating a romantic atmosphere for a wedding celebration and making it one of our top choices for the best places to elope in Central Park. The bridge is also very popular for Central Park Proposals!

Location perks

  • Best place to elope for a unique wedding location choice
  • Waterfront location
  • Skyline views

Insider Tips

An extremely popular location for Central Park visitors, our elopement photographers recommend doing your elopement early in the morning or later in the day to avoid the crowd. For an added bonus, book your Bow Bridge elopement package for the golden hour for beautiful sunset photos with the NYC skyline!

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Bethesda Terrace

Combining two locations in one Bethesda Terrace and Fountain offers an almost regal setting for your NYC elopement! The picturesque surroundings provide a captivating backdrop for your wedding photographs, while the serene ambiance and the soothing sounds of the fountain create a tranquil atmosphere! The location is easily accessible from both the east and west side of 72nd street. Thanks to the amazing acoustics under the terrace, couples often get to enjoy an impromptu performance by local musicians as well! Couples can exchange vows in the shadow of the 25-foot fountain or under the Terrace (also a great back up location in case of rain)

Location perks

  • Best place to elope for shelter in case of rain/snow
  • Stunning architectural elements
  • Skyline and water views

Insider Tips

Located right by the Lake, our photographer recommended booking a romantic boat ride at the Loeb Boathouse after your elopement to celebrate. They have a real Gondola that couples can book as well. (also a great photo opp for the newlyweds!)

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It’s Brooklyn in the house! Being a Brooklyn-based wedding photography and video studio you know we had to rep our borough and share some of the best places to elope in Brooklyn! The hip borough has tons of options for amazing elopement locations with Brooklyn Bridge Park being one of the most popular ones. The waterfront park stretches 1.3 miles along the East River and offers stunning views of the NYC skyline. Home to the Brooklyn Promenade, Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridge, Jane’s Carousel, and Pebble Beach, Brooklyn Bridge Park is a top choice for elopement ceremonies, wedding photos, Brooklyn engagement photos, and even family photo sessions! Keep reading to find out more about our top picks for the best places to elope in Brooklyn Bridge Park, details on the process, and the cost.

Brooklyn Bridge Park Wedding Cost

Location Cost: $400

Brooklyn Bridge Park requires couples to apply for a permit to get married at the popular location that costs $400. Their website provides a step-by-step process for apply for the permit and list the rules and regulations for getting married there. Many couples choose not to get the permit to save the money but our elopement team always recommends getting the permit to avoid any issues.

All In Cost: $899 and up

If you purchase the permit for your Brooklyn Bridge Park elopement ($400) and book our 1-hour photography and officiant package ($999) your cost is around $1500. If you have your own officiant and just need an hour or two of photography your cost can be as low as $499.

Location perks

  • Best place to elope for NYC skyline and waterfront views
  • Cobble Stone Streets
  • Impressive Architecutre and man-made beach

Insider Tips

It can get pretty crowded at Brooklyn Bridge Park, avoid mid-day wedding ceremonies and opt for morning or later in the day. Our Brooklyn wedding photographers work at Brooklyn Bridge Park all the time and can recommend “private” corners of the park for your vow exchange followed by newlywed photos in the more popular areas.

Best Places to Elope in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge Park has several well-known areas that are great for elopements.

Janes Carousel: For a whimsical feel, get married in front of Janes Carousel. The historic structure offers 48 wooden horses inside a glass house with views of the skyline. You can even rent the entire carousel for private use for a very unique experience!

Pebble Beach: Located between the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge on the East River. The man-made beach has stone steps, which are perfect as seats for your wedding guest. This is probably the best location for amazing skyline views and couples often see ferries riding by during their wedding ceremony! Even if you don’t exchange vows at Pebble Beach our elopement photographers always recommend this location as a great spot for newlywed photos!

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Home to two popular Brooklyn wedding venues (the Prospect Park Picnic House and the Prospect Park Boathouse), Prospect Park is practically made for wedding ceremonies! The famous Brooklyn Park offers over 500 acres of open meadows, lakes and wooded trails. Our photographers always recommend Prospect Park as one of the best places to elope for couples who want a gorgeous natural setting. The park is near famous Brooklyn landmarks such as the Brooklyn Museum (a popular engagement photo location) and Grand Army Plaza. A less crowded option than Brooklyn Bridge Park and Central Park, Prospect Park is also great for couples who prefer a quiet setting for their wedding ceremony without traveling outside the boroughs.

Prospect  Park Wedding Cost

Location Cost: $0

Although Prospect Park’s website has info about having your wedding at one of their beautiful venues, it doesn’t say anything about needed a permit for an elopement ceremony there. Our Brooklyn elopement photographers have never run into any issues with park staff asking for permits or anything like that. so couples getting married in Prospect Park can do so for FREE! That alone definitely makes Prospect Park one of the best places to elope on a budget!!

All In Cost: $499 and up

Depending on the Elopement package you choose, all in cost can be as low as $499! Add in one of our experienced officiants to make it legal and you are looking at around $999 with an hour of photography included! Play around with our elopement package builder to figure out the best package for you!

Location perks

  • Best place to elope on a budget (no permit required)
  • Beautiful setting surrounded by nature
  • Easily accessible and nearby iconic Brooklyn landmarks

Insider Tips

Our Brooklyn wedding photographers are honored to be listed as a preferred vendor for the Prospect Park Picnic House and work in the park all the time. We always recommend meeting at Grand Army Plaza for a few city street shots and walking into the park together for romantic photos on the way to the elopement location.

Best Places to Elope in Prospect Park

Prospect Park Boathouse: Having your ceremony in the shadow of the Prospect Park Boathouse is a great choice. Nestled on a lake and surrounded by beautiful trees, the Boathouse was one of the first buildings in NYC to be declared a historic landmark. The outside of the building is made of beautiful white-washed stone and features gorgeous archways and stone steps. Perfect for wedding photos!

The Peristyle: For a truly unique location within the park, we recommend this Grecian Shelter. Made up of stone columns, the Peristlye looks like it could have been transported from ancient Athens and offers a gorgous location for your Prospect Park elopement.

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That concludes Part 1 of our Best Places to Elope in NYC series. While we chose to focus on a few of the larger well-known parks for your NYC elopements, there are tons of smaller parks throughout the city that may be perfect for your elopement that we’ve also included below. Be sure to stayed tuned for Part 2 of our Best Places to Elope in NYC series which will showcase some of the best NYC Garden locations!

Other park locations that are great for NYC elopements …

Fort Greene Park

Fort Tryon Park

Gantry Plaza State Park

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