2014 Super Bowl Not Benefitting Local Businesses in New Jersey

The most important game for The National Football League, AKA, The Super Bowl, took place this Sunday at the Metlife Stadium in New Jersey. Every year, this important sports game takes place in a different city and brings a boom in business to all of the local businesses surrounding the chosen stadium. When it was announced that the Metlife stadium in New Jersey would host the game, local businesses rejoiced as much of New Jersey is still reeling from the devastation of Hurricane Sandy and could use the boost business for the state. The NFL works in tandem with the Super Bowl host committee whose purpose is to “…work with local businesses to coordinate logistics and maximize local economic benefit”. Unfortunately, big economic gains are not to be expected for East Rutherford merchants. There have been many business roadblocks for local businesses marketing their wares for Super Bowl XLVIII.

Many are calling the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos game a “commuter bowl”. New York City is less than a half hour drive to the New Jersey sports stadium and has drawn the majority of the fans for hotel rooms and restaurants. Also, NYC has gone into marketing overdrive with Times Square being turned into Super Bowl Boulevard. The area has been made over into a Super Bowl-themed outdoor street fair with official merchandise and interactive experiences for football fans. While bigger businesses have been able to secure the trademarked Super Bowl name and logo, many local New Jersey retailers have not been as successful. Many New Jersey businesses had NY commercial photographers take product shots that market their items for the Super Bowl, only to be warned that the NFL is hyper vigilant about protecting the Super Bowl name and logo. Also, many storefronts are expecting less foot traffic because of the local road closings and restrictions on tailgating parties at the stadium.

As a small East-Coast business, Le Image Inc sympathizes with the local New Jersey businesses and hopes that the profit projections for their companies will be higher than originally predicted. Although the “Super Bowl Bump” may not be as profitable as it has been for most years, hopefully both New Jersey and New York will experience some much-deserved profit after the game.

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