Summer Tips for Photographers

Summer seems to be finally here after a terrible endless winter in New York City. Summer can be a slow season for the fashion photography industry but fear not, our Le Image Inc team has created a list of tips to make this summer your best summer yet. It’s the perfect time of year to hone your skills, try something new and shoot outdoors. Read our photographer tips below to make this season an important one for your career.

1. Intern!- If you are in the earlier stages of your photography career or if you want to get your foot in the door for bigger companies, this a great season to intern. Websites like Ed2010 list magazine internships that are paid, unpaid and for college credit for photographers. Many companies offer summer internships and then hire those interns for a permanent position in the fall. If you dream of being a photo editor or art director, be sure to investigate your options for summer photography internships.

2. Try film photography!-Most photographers feel more comfortable using digital photography but this is the perfect season to improve your film photography skills. The brighter and longer days mean more time to take photos outdoors and with the nicer weather, you’ll feel more inclined to travel to beautiful places. Our NY Commercial Fashion Photography team loves to use this time of year to scout out new locations for our upcoming lookbook shoots.

3. Assist with Wedding Photography- New York wedding photography is an amazing business to work in. Our New York wedding photographers recommend all aspiring photogs to try their hand at wedding photography. It is a great way to make money, meet inspiring people and work on your portrait and event photography skills! Many couples also pay for retouching and color treatments for their wedding photos now, so, if you’re a Photoshop pro, the wedding season is perfect for you!

We hope our list of summer photography tips was helpful! Enjoy this lovely season.

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