The Business of Halloween Costumes

The Halloween season is upon us! This unique holiday is a major force in the retail market with a projected spending of $2.6 billion dollars for Halloween costumes expected for 2013. This number is slightly lower than last year’s projections but is still not to be sneezed at. Believe it or not, Halloween costumes for adults makes up the biggest chunk of the expected spending on Halloween costumes at $1.2 billion. The National Retail Federation projects spending at $1 billion for children’s costumes and a cool $330 million on pet costumes.

So, what’s the most popular costumes for adults? Prepare to be spellbound this Halloween season as 5 million adults plan on dressing as witches this year. Classic Halloween costumes aside, it appears that more than ever, “…costumes related to TV shows are more popular than ever”, according to Mark Bietz, the vice president of marketing for Google Shopping released data this week listing the top 10 most searched costumes. The numbers 2,4 & 7 on the list all involve characters from popular TV Shows. AMC’s smash hit, Breaking Bad is listed at number 2, Duck Dynasty at 4 and Daenerys from Game of Thrones at number 7.

TV show Halloween costumes are in and sexy is out according to new data from retailer CEO, Dev Mukherjee, explains, “…sexy has actually diminished and that seems to have moved over to queen-and-princess-type adult costumes”. Parents of teenage girls, rejoice! The Halloween costume business is huge not only for retailers, but for commercial photographers as well. So if you see a ‘ghost’ or ‘goblin’ leaving the Le Image Inc Brooklyn photo studio, don’t be scared! It’s just a Halloween ecommerce photo shoot (or one our New York photographer before their morning coffee). To all of our readers- we hope you enjoy the fall season!

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