The Business of Valentine’s Day

Most retailers and service industries consider Christmas their most profitable quarter for the year, but that is not true for all companies. Valentine’s Day spending for 2014 is projected at $18.6 billion in the United States. The average American is expected to spend $130.97 this year, up from last year’s $126.03. Greeting cards and candy are the most popular holiday staple, more so than jewelry. Couples are also expected to spend more on their Valentine’s Day dinner, $77 on average, this year than in years past. Three companies that live or die by Valentine’s day include Hersey, 1-800 Flowers and American Greetings. Those three publicly traded company make up the majority of profit from this ancient holiday.

Online dating websites also experience a spike in registration around Valentine’s day. Websites like and OkCupid consider the period between New Years and Valentine’s their biggest sales period. Two other industries that excel during the romantic holidays include intimacy products, like condoms, and lingerie. Trojan, the market-leading brand in the United States, will be spending more money than ever on their marketing this Valentine’s Day. It’s an aggressive strategy shareholders are eager to profit from.

If you will be making your Valentine’s Day purchases on the Internet, be sure protect your credit card online. Our NY Commercial photographers here at Le Image Inc are busy retouching product shots for companies looking to promote their businesses this holiday season. Even our Brooklyn photo studio profits from this romantic holiday! Valentine’s Day is a wonderful holiday season and Le Image wishes you continued success this upcoming financial quarter.

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