The Rise of Organic Cosmetics

The cosmetics industry has always been lucrative. This year alone, the beauty industry is projected to make $70 billion in the United States. One trend that is starting to reign in the cosmetics industry is the rise of organic cosmetics. Trend forecasters link the trend to a greater interest in healthy lifestyles. A 2011 Deloitte survey found that 57% of respondents said safety was their number one concern when buying personal-care products.

According to research, women may ingest up to four pounds of lipstick in their lifetime. Since make up is so close to delicate skin, what women wear can affect their health in the long run. Many of the synthetic dyes used in lipstick and compact powders contain aluminum-derived chemicals, which have been linked to Alzheimer’s. Independent cosmetic brands are now making customized cosmetics that are organic, vegan, mineral-based and they are not tested on animals. One selling platform that is catering to this niche cosmetics market is Etsy. Our New York commercial photographers have even noticed a surge of independent product shoots for organic cosmetic brands in our own Brooklyn photo studio!

Le Image Inc has noticed a widespread rise in all things vegan, not just in the beauty industry. Our NY wedding photographers photograph more vegan weddings than ever before. Many big name cosmetic brands like, Lush and Burt’s Bees, who have been organic since their creation, are now becoming household names, even in the smallest cities in America. Will the organic make up trend take over or will it be just a fad? Only time will tell but for now, always be sure to read the ingredients on your cosmetics before purchasing them.

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