What is a Video Lookbook?

Our New York commercial photography department is no longer solely dedicated to capturing only still photographs of products. Today, commercial photography and commercial videography are often considered one in the same for fashion campaigns. From New York City to Milan, fashion designers and labels must now produce ecommerce product shots, look books, fashion advertorials and look book videos. With the rise in technology, designers must show their products and style in every visual form imaginable. Le Image Inc has experienced this new fashion art form rising to prominence in the past few years and feel that it is now a staple for any fashion brand, big or small.

So, what is a lookbook video, exactly? Well, first it is important to familiarize yourself with basic fashion terms , including, ‘lookbook’. A lookbook is a collection of images that show models styled and wearing the items from your collection. The point of the lookbook is to inspire customers with your brands aesthetic and give them ideas about how to wear your collection. A look book can really help illustrate you intended audience and aesthetic direction to buyers. When put into video form, it puts life into your vision and allows viewers to see how your items move. It also further illustrates your fashion viewpoint and creates a specific mood for your collection.

Fashion videos are extremely fun to shoot and plan! Our New York commercial photographers advise you to consider what format you’d like for your collection before approaching a photographer or videographer. Are you more interested in creating a non-narrative mood piece or would you like a brief storyline? Look to designers who have created fashion films of their own and see how you can utilize this medium to display your work and vision best. We hope this article from our Brooklyn photo studio has helped inspire you and your fashion video lookbook. Happy creating!

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