What to Include in Your Line Sheet

Fashion Designers often ask our New York Commercial photographers what they should include their line sheets.  For those who don’t know, a “line sheet” is what designers use to promote their collections and give valuable information to potential stockists and buyers in showrooms and expos.  A good line sheet can make the difference between being carried by a big retailer or another year of dead stock. To make sure your fashion collection gets the attention it deserves, read our fashion business tips for line sheets below!

1. Include Look Book Images and Product Shots– It’s important to give a mix of look book shots and product photos in your line sheet so retailers will get an idea of how to merchandise your items and your fashion viewpoint. The product shots give retailers an idea how the item will look on their eccommerce websites and how the collection will sell purely through photos. As a rule of thumb, colorful clothing sells better online than black or dark colored garments. So, if you are going to show one style in a product shot and one style in a fashion editorial image, chose the dark item for the look book and the bright item for the product shot. Also, make sure to brush up on your fashion terms.

2. Include Price Information Under the Images- At the end of the day, buyers want to crunch numbers before choosing your items for their stores. To clarify price points and retail value, include the wholesale price and the suggested retail value. If your items are from abroad, include the landed price as well.

3. Make Sure You Print It In Color– Although this sounds obvious, make sure to print several copies of your line sheet and make sure its in color. It makes your fashion label look more professional and it leaves buyers feeling that you’re a reputable and successful brand.

4. Include Contact Information- Business cards are great but they are easily lost. Make sure you include contact information on the last page of your line sheet for inquiries, press questions and wholesale information.
Our NY commercial photography team hopes you found this helpful and can’t wait to see what upcoming collections will hit stores this season. For more information about commercial photography, please contact our team at Le Image Inc.

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