Coast to Coast: Australia’s Best Kept Beauty Secret

Australia is a beautiful country with serene coastlines, tranquil rain forests and the breathtaking ‘outback’. Beauty companies have often gone ‘down under’ for skin-care ingredients, such as tea tree oil, to alleviate skin conditions. Australia has much more to offer than tea tree oil according to new beauty brand, Coast to Coast. Once only available in Australia, Coast to Coast is now available to the United States through multi-brand store, Ulta. Our New York fashion photography and beauty team had the chance to try these wonderful new products and was so impressed that we felt the need to share our new obsessions with Coast to Coast.

With the tagline, ‘just as nature intended it’, Coast to Coast believes in using natural ingredients that bring out the best in your skin. Coast to Coast is also an ethical beauty company and uses no animal testing, no artificial colors, fragrances or synthetic chemicals. Some of the pure products the brand uses include bilberries, pepperberries, & wild rosella, lilly pilly, marshmallow and forest peppermint. The brand carries three different lines to cater to your skincare needs. Those lines are “Coastal” for normal, dry or sensitive skin, “Rainforest” for oily, combination or blemish-prone skin and “Outback” for dehydrated, dull or uneven skin. The Aussie beauty brand includes skin care, bath & body and hair care products. This new beauty brand is amazingly price from $19.99 to $39.99. That’s a price point that any New York fashionista can love!

Our beauty team’s favorite products include the Costal Ultra Soothing White Clay Mask and the Outback Skin Brightening Red Clay Mask. Results were seen as soon as after first use and full benefits of the new beauty items were seen as quickly as in one month. Le Image Inc’s beauty team recommends using the masks once a week to see beautiful skin. We look forward to seeing more from this amazing and affordable beauty brand and truly recommend you try these products this summer!

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