The Latest Footwear Trend – Ugly Shoes?

It’s no secret that the ‘90s are back in full swing. There are already several trends branching off pre-millennium styles with the trend-non-trend, normcore. For those not in the know, Normcore essentially means ‘stylized blandness’ based on 1990s fashion. So, those mom jeans and shapeless fleece jackets from 90s are now haute for street style devotees. Branching off of the 90s functional trend is the mules and Birkenstocks trend for footwear. The term, mules, is a French word describing a style of shoe that is backless and often closed-toed. Mules can be any heel height – from flat to high. Birkenstocks are a German brand of sandals made famous in the 1960s and noted for their comfort. Our New York fashion photographers have seen so many “ugly shoes” ruling the runway this season. Below is our top list of notable shoes for 2014.

1. Prada’s Sequined Hiking Shoe Styled with Long Socks- brings the common tourist sartorial faux pas to the runway.  It’s a bizarre combination of functional/non-functional and gaudy/upscale aesthetics. Prada succeeds at mixing seemingly opposite ideas together.

2. Phillip Lim Vencent Ankle Strap Mules- The New York City designer turns a peep-toe shoe into something any downtown chic girl could wear.  Pair with a long dress and leather jacket for the ultimate dark and sexy look.

3. Birkenstock Gizeh sandals- Design label, Celine, is credited with bringing this old trend back to life with their 2013 spring runway show. editor, Katherine Bernard explains, “…That silhouette was universally considered ugly…but Phoebe Philo’s luxe reinterpretation of a Birkenstock got me thinking. It’s like the most comfortable sandal in the world is having a stylish renaissance”. Model, Kate Moss, made the Birkenstock look fresh and carefree in her 1990s fashion editorials with fashion photographer, Corinne Day.

Will you be likely to try out the ugly shoe trend of 2014? Fast-fashion stores like H&M and Zara’s already have their own affordable versions available for purchase. Fashion always reminds us to put our best foot forward, and now, we can do it in comfort (until the next shoe trend hits).

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