The Newest Fashion Trend: Fashion Trucks

The latest fashion trends are always changing, especially in New York City. We have seen the staying power of the food and juice truck trend and now, there’s a new trend just for the fashionista on the go! Introducing, fashion trucks, a new way to peddle fashions like a food truck. This 2014 fashion trend has already taken over Los Angeles. Many boutiques park their fashion trucks in areas throughout L.A. to spread the word about their brand. While the trend may seem tailor made for the west coast city, it has not been growing throughout the United States quite as fast.

Stacey Steffe, a co-owner of Le Fashion Truck, told ABC News that fashion trucks go “…back to that idea of location, location, location!”.  She further explains the benefits of owning a retail truck. “I get to work in a city where I might not be able to afford to have a brick and mortar, but I can take my truck there once a week or whatever it is. We can take our mobile boutique to different cities in L.A. County”. Dana Calabrese Ensrud, a Hollywood fashion stylist, explains that, “the appeal is the experience. Everyone wants to run home and tell their friends, ‘Look what I bought at a truck!”. Although fashion trucks create a fun, fresh new way to shop, they can become unreliable. Many shoppers may not want to hunt down a fashion truck when they can just head to a regular brick-and-mortar retailer. That being said, our New York fashion photographers do believe that this is a fun way to create publicity for your fashion brand.

While our NY fashion photography team has yet to spot a fashion truck in Brooklyn or Manhattan, we will keep our eyes peeled for them, especially this summer. Le Image Inc loves sharing the latest fashion trends and hopes to see this new side of fashion in New York City.

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