What to Wear at Your Mad Men Premiere Party

Swing into the 60s with Mad Men’s final season premiering this Sunday. The previous season ended in 1968 with protagonist, Don Draper’s world in a downward spiral.  Several blogs and other entertainment news outlets are full of projections for the upcoming 7th season and while we can’t possibly imagine what’s in store for the AMC Show’s final season, we can give you some advice on the best outfits for your Mad Men premiere party. The New York City based show has plenty of fashion inspiration for our New York fashion photography team. Only one question remains, are you a “Betty”, “Joan”, “Meghan” or “Peggy”?

The Beautiful Ice Princess: Betty Francis- Draper’s first wife is one of the most fashionable characters in the 1960s era show. With looks to match Grace Kelly, Betty favors feminine silhouettes in bright colors. To channel her look, wear the “Collection Basketweave Dress” from J.Crew.

The Powerful Seductress: Joan Holloway– Shimmy your curves into a body-hugging silhouette to channel the secretary turned company co-owner, Joan. She’s known for her sensuality and her smarts so be sure to keep your outfit more subtly seductive than overt sex kitten. To honor Mad Men’s favorite redhead, wear the “Watch and Sea Dress” by Bettie Page available at Modcloth.

The Trendy Rising Star: Meghan Draper– The current estranged wife of ad-man, Don Draper, is a woman with a mind of her own. She is fearless and hip with the times and is one of the few man characters who gets to dabble in the latest trends of the era. To channel her easy-going and fashionable ways, wear the “Manon Tunic” by Three Dots available at Anthropologie.

The Stylish Secret Weapon: Peggy Olson– Career oriented and driven, Peggy is always smartly dress. She dresses professionally with trends translated for the work place. To channel the ex-Brooklyner, check out the “Colorblock Cobalt Lightweight Wool Belted Sheath” at Banana Republic.

We hope this list of ideas for your Mad Men premiere party inspired you! Our New York fashion photographers at Le Image Inc look forward to the last season and can’t wait to see what the show brings next for these incredible characters.

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