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While every single NYC wedding our photographers capture is special in it’s own way, Jewish wedding celebrations generally include a few extra traditions that make this type of wedding celebration unique. Our photographers have been honored to capture many types of cultural and religious wedding traditions and respect all faiths and nationalities. Our affordable wedding photography and video packages are perfect for any type of wedding celebration but especially helpful for Jewish weddings in NYC since our package builder allows couples to add as many hours as they need to ensure all the special rituals are captured.

So what goes into planning a Jewish wedding in NYC and why should you hire a photographer that is familiar with and experienced in capturing Jewish weddings? Well as any couple who has planned a wedding in NYC knows, there is A LOT of time, effort (and unfortunately money) that goes into pulling off a 100+ guest celebration.. so having to take the extra time to explain the traditions and rituals that take place at your Jewish wedding and why it’s so important to capture them is probably not a task you want to add to your already full wedding planning plate!

Below our photographers weigh in on what they have learned from capturing hundreds of Jewish weddings in NYC and give some tips on some of the best venues for a Jewish wedding in New York City and why our team is the right for you…Keep reading…

Elements of a Jewish Wedding

If you are about to attend your first Jewish wedding, you are in for a treat! Jewish wedding celebrations are filled with beautiful rituals, time-tested traditions and of course dancing and celebrating! The great thing about Jewish weddings is you don’t have to be Jewish to appreciate the wonderful elements of a Jewish wedding. Depending on the subculture and level of orthodox, the traditions & rituals you experience may vary.. but generally include all or a combination of the following:

Ketubah Signing

A very common Jewish tradition, the signing of the Ketubah takes place at most Jewish weddings. The Ketubah is basically a wedding contract that outlines the requirements for each spouse and/or the hopes and commitments the bride and groom are making to one another. The Ketubah is typically signed before the ceremony by both spouse, the Rabbi or officiant and witnesses. The document itself often includes beautiful artwork that the couple decides on as well..


Jewish couples often get married under a Chuppah. The Chuppah is a canopy that covers the bride and groom during their ceremony, the Chuppah creates a sacred place for exchanging vows. The Chuppah represents the new home the couple is creating together..Chuppahs come in all sizes and styles.. from hand held Chuppahs created from a prayer shawl (the talilit) to elaborate 10 foot tall floral covered canopies…

Breaking of the Glass

Even New Yorkers who have never been to a Jewish wedding know about the popular breaking of the glass followed by cheers of Mazel Tov! The breaking of a glass (wrapped in cloth to avoid injury) holds many symbolic meanings including receiving healing from what is broken and remembering the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem.


Our photographers have yet to attend a Jewish wedding in NYC that did not include this popular ritual. While you will need some friends and family to assist with this, the Hora dance (chair dance) is a must for your Jewish wedding celebration. Friends and family (and our strategically placed photographers) dance around the seated bride and groom before lifting them high into the air!

Why our NYC Jewish Wedding Photographers are the best

You may be thinking couldn’t any NYC wedding photographer capture my Jewish wedding ?.. well..technically speaking.. yes.. but just like trusting your wedding day makeup to someone that has only done makeup for proms may not be the best idea..hiring a photographer that isn’t familiar with Jewish wedding traditions may not be the best choice. Our team is not only familiar with all the beautiful rituals and traditions that will take place on your big day (the hakafot is one of our favorite to capture) we also offer amazingly affordable photo and video packages! While we don’t like to toot our own horn (we let our clients do that on Yelp, the knot and wedding seriously check out our reviews), we have shot hundreds of Jewish wedding celebrations and know what it takes to get the perfect shots on your big day!

*As an added bonus.. 12 years after your wedding we can offer you a special discount on your daughter’s Bat Mitzvah photography!

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NYC Jewish wedding venues (some of our fav..)

NYC is home to a ridiculous amount of wedding venues (no really it’s crazy how many wedding venue are in NYC) and our photographers have shot at most of them. While you can technically host your Jewish wedding celebration at any NYC wedding venue.. ..below are a few of our favorite NYC wedding venues for Jewish weddings (and most of them offer Kosher options)

Prospect Park Picnic House

The great thing about the Picnic House is you pay for the space and then are able to bring in your own vendors. You do have to choose from their list of exclusive caterers but several of the caterers offer Kosher options. Couples getting married at the Picnic House have access to the beautiful grounds of Prospect Park and can set up the inside of the venue anyway they like..

Dumbo Loft

Another great raw space in Brooklyn, Dumbo Loft offers an industrial setting steps away from Brooklyn Bridge Park..couples getting married at this unique Brooklyn wedding venue can bring in their own caterers, DJ, photography and video team and set up the space however they like. The Chuppah looks great in this space thanks to the high ceilings and original brick walls!

The Water Club

A waterfront Manhattan wedding venue option, The Water Club is a great choice for couples who want to host their Jewish wedding on the water with great views of the skyline and a rooftop setting. Our studio is listed on the Water Club’s preferred vendor list and our team of photographers and videographers have shot there many times. The Water Club is an upscale restaurant during the weekdays and offers their elegant space to couples for wedding celebrations with Kosher menu options.

No matter what traditions your Jewish wedding celebration includes or where you decide to host your Jewish wedding, our NYC wedding photographers (and video team) would love to be a part of it!! Give us a call to find out more about how we can help plan your NYC Jewish Wedding celebration… Mazel Tov!

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