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One of the best things about planning a NYC wedding is the countless options available for your big day! From 3 day – 300 guest Indian weddings at 3 different wedding venues (Our NY Indian Wedding Photographers are some of the best) to two person beach ceremonies in Brooklyn Bridge Park, NY is the perfect place to get hitched no matter your wedding plans! But for couples who don’t want much.. well..planning.. a New York City Hall wedding is the perfect choice!

Thanks to the increase in NYC elopements, our NY City Hall wedding photographers have developed an impressive portfolio of beautiful City Hall wedding photos and video that may have you second guessing your wedding plans!

One of the number one questions our City Hall wedding photographers get when couples ask us how to elope in NYC is if a City Hall wedding can be just a special as a “real wedding” .. and the answer is YES! Our elopement photography packages come with the same high quality wedding photos (and video if needed) that our full wedding packages deliver AND thanks to the more relaxed timeline that planning a New York City Hall wedding provides, our NYC elopement photographers can really focus on capturing what’s most important on your big day.. YOU!

Our photographers have captured tons of City Hall weddings and know the ins and outs of getting hitched at the marriage bureau. From the best places to take wedding photos before and after your ceremony at New York City Hall to some of the best places to go for a romantic dinner afterwards…

Keep reading for the step by step process of how to plan a New York City Hall wedding and common questions couples ask our NYC City Hall wedding photographers..

Step by Step Process

So how do you get married at City Hall ?..well since marriage is a legally binding contract..there is some paper work to fill out.

#1- Apply for your marriage license..

Fortunately this process can be started online for couples who are planning a NYC destination wedding or simply don’t want to make the trip to City Hall .The fee is only $35 bucks and they ask a bunch of personal information .. both spouses must then go to City Hall to complete the process and wait at least 24 hours before heading back for your ceremony.

#2 – Say I Do!

Once you’ve gotten your marriage license and waited at least 24 hours, you can return to City Hall for your ceremony. Once you arrive.. you get a number and wait to be called for your ceremony. Once called, a short and sweet civil ceremony is performed.. you say I do..kiss and walk off into matrimony …

#3 – Get your Marriage Certificate..

After you sign on the dotted lines committing to be legally bound to one another for life (don’t worry the officiant makes this sound much more romantic) you get your marriage certificate and you are all set!

#4 – Live Happily ever after..

Now you know what it takes to plan a New York City Hall Wedding but you may still have a few questions.. below are the typical questions couples ask our NYC City Hall photographers ….

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When is the best time to go to City Hall to get married ?

The marriage bureau is open Monday-Friday from 8:30am – 3:45pm. Our photographers will capture your New York City Hall wedding any day you choose but recommend early morning to avoid potential crowds..

How long will we be at City Hall?

From the time you arrive until the you get your marriage certificate in hand, our elopement photographers report spending on average about an hour in City Hall. Your photographer is snapping photos throughout that time to make sure every moment of your New York City Hall Wedding is captured!

Do I need a witness?

Yes, you are required to have at least one witness.. and yes our photographer will be happy to serve as your witness if it’s just the two of you ..

How many hours of photography should I book?

We recommend booking at least 2 hours of photography for your New York City Hall Wedding to allow for potential wait time at City Hall and time for photos after your ceremony. Our affordable hourly elopement package makes this easy and you can even add hair and makeup and flowers to your package !

Can we go to different locations for photos after the ceremony ?

Absolutely! As a matter of fact we recommend it! Thanks to the recent renovation of the Marriage Bureau , the inside of City Hall is great for photos but taking additional photos in the area and other parts of NYC is always a great idea. Some of our favorite locations for elopement photography that are nearby are Brooklyn Bridge Park (you can actually walk across the bridge after your elopement) and Grand Central!

When will I receive my wedding photos ?

Your elopement wedding gallery is typically ready in about 4 weeks. You receive an online gallery of color corrected images to share with your family and friends!

If you want more info on our affordable elopement packages for your New York City Hall Wedding be sure to give us a call and check out more of our favorite City Hall wedding photos below..

NYC City Hall Wedding Photos and Videos

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