No need for cold feet, Divorce Rates are Down!!

We photograph and film hundreds of beautiful NYC weddings every year. The couples always appear to be deeply in love and connected. Finding that one special person to spend the rest of your life with is something most of us dream about! Sadly, high profile divorces (or conscious uncoupling as it’s being referred to) of some of our favorite stars like Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin; Heidi Klum and Seal; Katy Perry and Russell Brand; Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony and Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes(remember that “coach surfing” Oprah interview?) make even the most optimistic couples nervous! So our team was overjoyed to have read the recent NY Times article written by former Forbes reporter, Claire Cain Miller, debunking the myth that half of marriages end in divorce. According to her article and research done by University of Michigan economist, divorce rates are actually falling!

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There are several factors that the article explores; changing gender roles (yes men cook too!) waiting later in life to get married and (our favorite) marrying for love instead of economic gain; as contributing factors to this welcomed decline. Perhaps the new same sex marriage laws being passed in the United States (about time!) is a positive contributor to this new trend as well. One of our favorite gay couples, Gary & John had been together for 38 years (talk about standing the test of time!) when we shot their beautiful wedding video!

Cohabitating is no longer taboo like it was back in the day and is allowing modern day couples to figure out whether or not they mesh well on a day to day basis  (also a great way to see if you can deal with your honey’s Walking Dead addiction!)  before tying the knot.

Unfortunately, money problems in marriage still prevail as one the Top 10 reasons couples divorce ;  but it doesn’t have to be! Have you checked out our affordable wedding packages ? At least the price of your wedding photography and video won’t be something you have to fight over (just saying).

So to all the hopeless romantics, shacking-up cohabitators and love struck New Yorkers, we say go for it! Buy the ring and pop the question (valentine’s day engagement shoots are sooooo romantic!) just be sure to give us a call first to check our availability (our calendar is filling up!!)

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