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Sites like facebook and instagram make sharing and storing your photo and video memories easy! Taking pics of your favorite moments with your loved ones is second nature now-a-days. Even the mundane day to day tasks like eating breakfast and doing laundry are being posted for followers to like, comment and share (not kidding, #doinglaundry has over 20K post).. But for moments when a snapping a selfie won’t do (like when you propose to your fiance) our NYC proposal photographers have you covered! So what goes into planning a NYC proposal and how can our photographers help you plan it while capturing #instagram worthy photos in the process? Keep reading to find out more..

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Why hire an NYC proposal photographer

Besides your wedding day, the day you propose is probably going to be one of the most memorable days in your love story. It’s the day that (if all goes well) your boyfriend/girlfriend becomes your fiance’. So having a professional photographer there to capture the moment is a great idea. You’ve probably spent weeks picking the best location to propose at and months (if not years) saving for the rock, so having great photos to look back on only seems natural! are going to be so caught up in the moment you probably won’t remember half of what happened …and that’s where our NYC proposal photographers step in.. Our photographers are some of the best in New York City having shot at most of the NYC wedding venues and have captured hundreds of engagement shoots throughout New York. Our team will help with the logistics of planning the proposal, be there early to get in place (yes we will hide behind bushes if need be) and capture the moment you pop the question..

What’s Included in a Proposal Photography Package

Besides getting one of our amazing NYC Proposal Photographers to help plan your big day and capture the special moment. Our proposal photography package also includes a mini-engagement photo shoot after you pop the question. Couples receive the same high quality photos that our full engagement shoot package offers with an online photo gallery and link to download the high resolution images. Your proposal photography session is also a great opportunity to work with one of our NYC wedding photographers to see if they are the right match for your wedding day !

Proposal Ideas – NYC

NYC is not only one of the best cities to get married in with beautiful wedding venue options but also one of the best places to get engaged! Our NYC Proposal Photographers have helped plan proposals all over New York City. From the restaurant that the couple had their first date in to rooftop proposals with the NYC skyline in the back. Of course Central Park proposals are popular thanks to all the beautiful locations in the park (and great hiding spots as well). Our photographers will chat with you about your love story and your proposal ideas to help you figure out what works best for you..

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