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Whether you choose to book one of our NYC Wedding Photographers or go with someone else (you’d be hard pressed to find a Brooklyn wedding photographer as cool as ours but….) there are a few factors to keep in mind when researching wedding photographers in NYC. Living in New York City means having access to a ridiculous amount of options. We all know it can take an hour to agree on where to have brunch and another 15 to choose your bottomless drink choice (go with the bloody mary!). So when you start planning your NYC Wedding get ready to be overwhelmed with hundreds of choices on wedding photography packages, cake flavors, bridal bouquet arrangements and more.. So how do you weed through the hundreds of Wedding Photographers in NY without giving up and asking Uncle Albert to dust off the old polaroid ? One word (three times) Research, Research, Research! Below are the Top 5 things to look for when booking an NYC Photographer ..

#1 – Reasonable Pricing without sacrificing quality

Ok , I know we sound like a broken record here, but once couples start researching NYC Wedding Photographer Cost most of them are shocked to find out just how expensive a NYC wedding photographer can be! That’s why we pride ourselves on offering affordable wedding photography packages without sacrificing quality. There is a lot more that goes into creating the beautiful wedding photos you see on our site then simply taking the photo. Your NYC wedding photographer should have experience in professional editing to produce the highest quality of wedding photography possible. The post production process and how well your wedding photos are edited makes a huge difference in the quality of wedding photography that you receive. All our affordable wedding photography packages include wedding photos that are edited by our professional wedding photography team. Our New York wedding photographers have worked in every type of setting and know exactly what to do to capture the highest quality photos no matter the venue, time of day or lighting situation!

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#2- Familiar with NYC Wedding Venues and NYC Wedding Photography locations

Our photographers have shot at most of the top NYC wedding venues. From unique Brooklyn wedding venues to elegant Manhattan rooftop wedding venues, our wedding photographers are preferred vendors for some of the best NYC Wedding Venues like Deity Events in Brooklyn, The Water Club in Manhattan (a beautiful New York waterfront wedding venue) and Snug Harbor in Staten Island, NY. We can also give you pointers on the best locations throughout New York City to capture wedding photos. From Brooklyn Bridge Park and Dumbo area (the NYC skyline views are to die for) to Gantry Plaza State Park and Battery Gardens, our NYC Wedding planners and photography team works closely with every couple to find the best locations to capture their wedding day photos based on their taste and preferences.

#3- Backup Plan

Our wedding photography studio partners with the top NYC wedding photographers to capture your big day. Our photographers have been working with us for many years and are extremely reliable, but as any New Yorker knows (sick passenger on the train anyone?) things happen! Make sure your NYC wedding photographer has a back up plan in case they get sick or can’t make it on your big day. We’ve heard horror stories about photographers not showing up on the big day or couples having to scramble last minute to find another New York wedding photographer because their photographer got sick. With Le Image that is never an issue. We always keep one of our wedding photographers on stand by just in case of emergency. Your back up photographer is familiar with your wedding day timeline, photography preferences and can jump in in case of emergency. And this is all provided at no extra cost to our clients and included in their already affordable wedding photography package!

#4- Fine Print/Hidden Cost

Be sure to understand exactly what you get in your wedding photography package and read the fine print. Our wedding photography package comes with a very detailed contract clearly defining our obligations to our wedding clients. Be careful with general promises of “full day wedding photography packages” that don’t specify how many hours you are actually getting. Our customizable wedding package builder not only allows our clients to stay in charge of their budget, but clearly lists whats included and how much it cost! All our wedding photography packages include edited photos and full printing rights. Which means we provide a link to our couples after the wedding to download all their high resolution wedding photos (free of any watermarks). There are no hidden cost with our affordable wedding photography packages and what you see is what you get. Once you pay for your package in full, we will never charge you to get your wedding photography after the wedding (we’ve heard horror stories)! Make sure your NYC Wedding Photographer doesn’t require you to “buy” your wedding photos from them after the big day..making their “cheap wedding photography package” cost a lot more then it was worth!


With the birth of online public review sites like Yelp, checking out more about your NYC Wedding Photographers reputation is pretty easy. Do they show up on time? Do they deliver high quality wedding photos? Were they professional and helpful on the wedding day? These are the answers to look for when checking out reviews on your New York wedding photographer. Check out their social media websites and see if they are friends with former clients and if the wedding clients left reviews on their Facebook or Instagram wedding page. We are extremely proud of our reputation and encourage our couples to share reviews online about their experience with our NYC wedding photographers.

We hope this article on how to find the right NYC Wedding Photographer was helpful. If you need more info about planning an wedding on a budget in NYC or NYC Wedding Photographer cost be sure to check out our other articles below and give us a call to get started on building your wedding photography package today!

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