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NYC is one of the most populous cities in the world, with over 8 million people in the boroughs alone, there are weddings taking place literally everyday! Thanks to our affordable wedding photography and video packages, our photographers and videographers and other wedding professionals (our studio also provides officiants and wedding planners) have worked at most of the New York City wedding venues and have been pleasantly surprised to find that there are still very affordable venues throughout New York for couples who don’t want to go into debt in order to get hitched! Of course keeping your wedding affordable in one of the most expensive cities in the world takes some creativity. There are thousands of wedding venue options in Manhattan ranging from luxurious hotel wedding venues to local mom-and-pop restaurants that work with your budget, so the task to finding an affordable wedding venue can be daunting! There are a few things to look for when planning a wedding on a budget and searching for an affordable venue in NYC.

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#1 –Flexibility – Be open to the day and time that you have your wedding. A Saturday night in Manhattan is gonna cost you! However, lots of venues offer special discounts for day weddings or weekday celebrations.

#2 – Unique/Alternative Spaces – when planning an affordable wedding in NYC, consider spaces that may not be your typical “wedding venue”. Your favorite local beer garden, a city farm or even the school you attended as a child (our photographers captured this spring wedding at Poly Prep Country School). NYC is one of the diverse cities in the world, so finding a unique wedding venue for your big day isn’t hard.

#3 – Non traditional menu – Having a 3-course meal with open bar served at your wedding reception can get pricey! Consider a venue that offers buffet options or consider having a cocktail style reception. Most venues are open to tweaking the menu to fit your budget if you just ask. Also having a few signature drinks instead of an open bar can save you a lot of cash and keep your wedding affordable.

Keep reading for more tips and info on some of our favorite affordable wedding venues in Manhattan that offer all these things and more!

Studio 450

You wouldn’t think that a loft venue offering a rooftop terrace and views of the Manhattan skyline would make our top affordable wedding venues in Manhattan list, but Studio 450 did! The raw space offers clients two unique spaces with access to a rooftop for their ceremony and amazing views of Manhattan! Clients pay for the space and are able to bring in their own vendors which is key when planning an affordable wedding in Manhattan. Our photography and video team have worked at this venue several times and have captured amazing wedding photos and video here. The venue offers a blank all-white loft space with floor to ceiling windows that are sure to impress your wedding guests. Be sure to add our Day of Planner to your affordable wedding photography package to help set up this raw space on your big day.

Housing Works Bookstore

If you want a unique wedding venue for your big day, Housing Works Bookstore is a great affordable option. Not only will you get an affordable space to host your wedding but the non-profit organization donates 100% of the proceeds to benefit the homeless in New York that are living with HIV/AIDS. Located in the Soho section of Manhattan, the bookstore features an IVY league library with spiral staircases and mahogany balconies!

Burden Kahn Mansion

If you want an elegant space that looks expensive , consider the Burden-Kahn Mansion. Located across the street from Central Park in Upper Manhattan, the Mansion can be rented on an hourly basis, giving you the flexibility to keep it affordable. Bride and Grooms are allowed to bring in their own caterer and other wedding professionals based on their needs and budget. The venue features spiral staircases, fireplaces and marble columns. Our photographers have captured breathtaking photos at the Burden Kahn Mansion. This venue is the perfect choice for getting the “expensive” feel without the jaw-dropping tab!

Be sure to keep an eye out for our other articles as the series continues on how to find affordable wedding venues in NYC. If you missed it check out our tips for affordable wedding venues in Brooklyn here.

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