Bridal Lingerie 102: Finding your Wedding Lingerie

Finding the perfect wedding undergarments can be such a challenge for brides-to-be that we decided to write a second wedding blog article about it. Below are our top three tips on finding the perfect bridal undergarments for your wedding dress and for your wedding night.

  1. Examine the Fabric of your Wedding Dress– Before venturing to find your bridal underwear, really pay attention to the construction of your wedding dress.  Is it a silky a-line dress? Then perhaps you should avoid lacey lingerie and pick a bra and panty combination that won’t show under the material. Also, consider how you’d like your body to look in your dress. Our New York wedding photographers often have clients who express sentiments like “Oh, I wish I had bought a push-up bra for my wedding dress, I really wanted to fill out the top the neckline more”, after viewing their wedding photos.
  2. Pick your Lingerie Before your Fitting– Having worked both in the fields of wedding photography and lingerie sales in New York, this is one wedding dress tip that I can honestly say will save you so much time and money! Many brides get fitted for their wedding dress before finding their wedding undergarments which sticks them with the problem of finding bridal underwear and bras that fit with the measurements of their altered dress. Remember, once a dress is altered, it cannot be changed. Find lingerie that that will give you a perfect shape before having a tailor fit your wedding dress.
  3. Wedding Night Lingerie– Many brides relish the chance to shop for delicate white, ivory or cream-colored lace bridal lingerie but that doesn’t you have to! I have seen many brides feel completely uninspired when picking their honeymoon lingerie because they feel like they have to choose a white lingerie bra and panty set.  Check out bridal bustiers, corsets and garters. Find something that you feel sexy in, not just something that falls into the stereotypical idea of bridal lingerie! What’s important is that you love how you look and feel on your wedding night.

We truly hope this wedding article was helpful for all you brides searching for your bridal undergarments and wish you the best with your wedding planning. Congrats!

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