I DO! But when? How to choose your Wedding Date.

You met the perfect guy/girl, you fell in love and now you’re engaged to be married! The hard part is over right? Well if you are anything like the thousands of other couples that are planning a wedding, the answer might be NO! The next crucial step in the process of making it to the altar is picking the perfect date to say I Do.

There are many factors to consider when picking your wedding date; which season you prefer, when your guests can attend, do you want an indoor or outdoor wedding; and perhaps one of the most important questions, how does my wedding date affect my wedding budget? A weekday off-season (Jan-March) wedding is by far the less expensive option but also makes it highly unlikely that all your guests will be able to attend, while an evening wedding on a Saturday in the summer will require a larger budget in most cases.

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It really all boils down to deciding what is important to you as a couple. Perhaps getting married on the same date that you had your first date is priority, or picking a Friday that coincides with a major holiday so that your guests can travel to your destination wedding is what’s right for you.

Whatever you choose, you never have to worry about paying more for your photography and video wedding packages with our studio. Our pricing is the same year round and we even have a one of a kind “Build your own wedding package” tool that allows you to stay in control of your budget.

Tying the knot in August on a yacht in the shadow of The Statue of Liberty and need photography? We have packages starting as low as $1350! Getting married in a vineyard upstate and want both photo and video to capture it all? How does $1899 sound? We even have an all-inclusive wedding packages for those of you who want to keep it simple and elope in Central Park (the packages include the officiant, permit, photography & video and thank you cards), and yes the prices are the same year round.

So be sure to do your research and consider all options when you and your honey pick the date for your big day. Then call us to lock in those low prices before the news gets out and we have to raise them to cover the need for more staff to handle the demand! Just kidding….. but not really… hurry up!

Happy Planning!

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