Find Your Perfect Wedding Reception Dessert: It’s A Piece of Cake!

The cutting of the cake is wedding tradition dating back to ancient Rome. During those times, bread was broken over the bride’s head to bring good fortune to the couple. Today, the wedding cake (or cakes) has become an essential part of a wedding reception. Our New York wedding photographers often plan how to shoot this essential scene during the wedding planning stage for our couples. Wedding reception catering is a massive industry and couples often look for ways to interpret this essential wedding tradition. Our NYC wedding photography team at Le Image has created a list of wedding cake alternative ideas for your special day.

1. Wedding Cupcakes– These petite cakes offer the same idea of wedding cake but give much more variety for your wedding guests. Seattle based bakery, Trophy Cupcakes, is known for their wedding cupcake displays and even hold tastings every month for brides-to-be! Couples can include several different cupcake flavors like, red velvet, vanilla and chocolate when they chose this wedding dessert option. Cupcakes also offer a whimsical look for your wedding reception.

2. Wedding Donuts– This new wedding cake trend is all rage with blogs like Style Me Pretty and Weddingbee hailing the all mighty donut as the new wedding cake alternative. Generally, donuts are stacked on towering platters giving a fun, non-traditional look to a wedding reception. This option also offers the possibility of having multiple flavors for your wedding guests and catering to their dietary needs with vegan donuts or gluten-free donuts.

3. Wedding Truffles- Addicted to chocolate? Why not have a lux chocolate dessert for your wedding reception! Arranging gourmet chocolates bon-bons on a tower is a very romantic and beautiful alternative to a wedding cake.

We hope this article was helpful. Planning your New York wedding reception can be stressful, but Le Image Inc hopes you find something sweet for your wedding day dessert. Congratulations to everyone planning their wedding ceremony and bon appétit!

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