Here Comes the Bride: Wedding Dresses from the 1775 to 2014 at Victoria & Albert’s

With the third wedding anniversary of Kate Middleton and Prince William yesterday, our New York wedding photography team has wedding dresses on our minds and weren’t not the only ones! London museum, Victoria & Albert’s, has a new exhibition titled, Wedding Dresses 1775-2014. This exhibit comes at the perfect time as the height of the wedding season is about to begin! Our NY wedding photographers have noticed an increase in the number of couples looking for vintage wedding photography inspiration to give their wedding photos a retro look. The best way to start moving in the glamorous direction of the past is to select a wedding dress with a silhouette inspired by vintage wedding dresses. One of the biggest wedding trends for 2014 is wedding dresses inspired by the 1920s, the jazz age.

One interesting fact presented in the V&A exhibit is that wedding dresses weren’t always white. According to Liberty Voice, “…Traditional brides take a cue from a practice that began when Queen Victoria wed Prince Albert in 1840. Prior to the royal wedding, Victorian brides wore the best garment in their wardrobe. Colors ranged from light brown, silver and black to blue and lavender. Royalty, on the other hand, wore lavish gowns, usually embroidered brocade with metallic thread. Queen Victoria broke tradition of the silver gown, with an orange blossom wreath in her hair; the Queen opted for white silk satin, which originated the white wedding dress trend that is popular today”. So, don’t feel tied to wearing white if you want that vintage look on your wedding day!  Another big wedding dress trend for 2014 is the blush colored wedding dress trend which you can also combine with a retro wedding dress silhouette.

Wedding Dresses 1775-2014 runs from May 3 until March 15 2015 in London, England but you can view images of the show on the Victoria & Albert’s website. Similar to the Metropolitan Museum in New York City, the dresses are all part of the museum’s fashion inventory. For all of those planning their wedding, congratulations! We hope this article helped you in your wedding dress search.

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