How to Channel Your Inner Mermaid: Top Tips for Beach Weddings

So, you’re planning a beach wedding? It’s a great traditional wedding venue for spring and summer brides. Outdoor weddings are a blast, but it’s important that you have all your ducks in a row before you tie the knot. Read on for our tips for some great beach wedding ideas!

1. Find a Great Beach Wedding Dress- Since beaches make great budget wedding venues, you may find yourself with a larger chunk of your wedding budget to use towards your wedding dress! We suggest something super romantic without any fussy details. Think goddess like. Also, be sure to consider the length of your wedding gown as it may possibly drag in the sand.

2. Research the Area of the Beach You Want for Your Wedding Ceremony- Some beaches require permits for weddings and it may take awhile for the paperwork to go through. Research this as soon as you and your groom begin wedding planning. Plan on your grandparents and any guests with disabilities to attend your wedding day? Consider how they could access the beach without having to go over tons of stairs, or, a rocky beachfront. Also, book a wedding photography service that has shot a beach wedding before. They will have better knowledge of how to bring and carry their video and photography equipment for your wedding.

3. Consider the Weather- Although no one can predict the weather perfectly, it’s best to get married during a season where inclement weather is less common. Also, plan on an alternate wedding venue location in case the worst happens. If it’s super sunny, make sure you and the wedding party apply sunscreen before the ceremony and provide umbrella for guests if the sun will be relentless. It’s worth noting that our experienced wedding photographers have noticed that if a bride wears only sunscreen and no foundation or powder, her skin may appear chalky. So, apply the sunscreen under your bridal makeup or use a BB cream.

We hope these tips have you excited to plan your beach wedding ceremony! Our New York wedding photographers always look forward to shooting these beautiful weddings. They may require twice the amount of planning as a traditional indoor wedding, but they are always worth the effort. The most romantic outdoor weddings for New York wedding photography are on the beautiful Atlantic Coast in iconic villages like The Hamptons. We wish all of you couples planning your outdoor wedding, the best of luck! Congratulations!

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