Labor Day Weddings

Summer is quickly coming to an end but that doesn’t mean the wedding season is over! Although August is the most popular months for weddings, September is not far behind with 9.6% of US weddings occurring during that month. Summer tends to be the biggest season for weddings because it’s the perfect weather for outdoor weddings, beach weddings and it’s easier to get time off from work. Our New York wedding photographers love summer weddings and always recommend couples look into booking their wedding for Labor Day weekend!

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Le Image Inc recommends looking into a Labor Day Weekend wedding because it can be a very affordable time of year for weddings. It’s towards the end of the traditional wedding season so it’s cheaper in terms of wedding vendors and wedding venues. The weather is also still nice across the United States and it’s an official government holiday, guaranteeing that your friends and family will have the time off. So, consider that if you are planning a destination wedding. That being said, wedding guests often have other plans for these weekends. Also, it’s also harder and more expensive to travel on those weekends if your wedding party lives far away from your wedding venue. At the end of the day, the further in advance you can plan your wedding and let your guests know, the better!

Our NYC wedding photography hopes you found this article helpful in your wedding planning. Labor Day Weekend is always a lovely time of year with great weather in New York, so we know our wedding photographers will be very busy soon. To all the couples out there planning their wedding, good luck! Le Image Inc’s Brooklyn wedding photography team congratulates you!

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