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Our photographers have learned first hand, you haven’t really partied until you’ve partied at an Indian wedding. Imagine the best day of your life, filled with love, laughter, great food, stylish clothing and awesome music X 3 ! That’s an Indian wedding in a nutshell. FUN FUN FUN! Our team has had the pleasure of capturing several Indian celebrations, from traditional temple ceremonies (remember to remove your shoes) to beautiful fusions of American and Indian traditions in Queens.

Day 1- “Ganesh Pooja” – The Ceremony

On the first day, the “ganesh pooja” takes place. This is a private ceremony typically at the home of the family in which the Bride, Groom and immediate family members attend. In the Western culture , the Bride is typically the focal point and walks down the aisle as her friends and family watch. However in Indian culture, this is the day the Groom gets to shine! “The Baraat” which is the groom’s wedding procession to the Bride’s location, typically includes an entourage of his friends and family playing drums, throwing money and cheering him on! The groom may make his way to his Bride in a sports car or even on a horse!!

Day 2 – Mendi Night

In celebration of the marriage, the couple host a “Mendi ceremony”.This typically takes place at a traditional Indian venue (NYC is home to several!) and includes the Bride and her female friends and family having intricate henna patterns drawn on their and hands and feet. After wards the “sangeet” takes place. The families are introduced and mingle and have food and enjoy performances.

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Day 3 – Reception Celebration

The last day of the Indian wedding celebration is similiar to what our photographers and videographers typically capture at most American weddings. A public ceremony takes place with a cocktail hour and reception afterwards. Some brides choose this day to dress in a white gown while some stick to tradition and wear a beautiful Indian wedding dress instead.

If all this celebrating has made you want to know more about the beautiful Indian wedding culture be sure to check out some of the other galleries and wedding videos our team has had the honor of capturing!

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