Right Man, Wrong Finger: How to Say “I Don’t” and Call Off Your Wedding

You’re in the midst of planning your ceremony, the wedding photographers have been booked and the wedding dress has been fitted. There’s only one problem, you and your groom have decided to end your engagement. This is a terrible situation but it’s important to act quickly and salvage the situation. One fact’s for sure, some people may be annoyed, but you and your ex-Fiancé need to do what’s best for the long term. As much of a hassle as calling off your wedding will be, it’s better than going through a divorce. We have assembled some tips on how to call off your wedding. There is no perfect, clean-cut way to rectify relationship trouble of this scale, but we hope you will find this article helpful should you ever find yourself in this situation.

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First off, try to call your various wedding vendors and get back your deposits. If there’s one time to use “the sympathy card” this is it. Let those tears flow if you’re having a tough time dealing with your wedding vendor. Have your wedding invitations already gone out? No? Perfect, instead of mailing out the wedding invites you can send a simple card that simply says the wedding won’t take place. If it is closer to the actual wedding ceremony, you can have a friend or family member call your wedding guests and simply tell them that the wedding has been cancelled. Don’t worry about providing an explanation or calling the guests yourself. Take down your wedding registry as well. If you have already received gifts be sure to return them to the buyer. If the gifts are not able to be returned, you can donate the gifts to charity. Also, don’t feel that you must take care of calling off the wedding by yourself, even though there are now problems with your relationship. Your ex should be helping with the arrangements as well.

Finally, try not to beat yourself up about it. You are not the first couple to have gone through this. It is a traumatic experience but you will find the right person for you. You may not be able to get your wedding deposits back from the wedding photography company you chose and you may take a hit on the honeymoon you planned in New York but at the end of the day, you need to make decisions that will be best for your long-term happiness. As glamorous as your wedding plans are, marriage trumps a wedding. Is your relationship in trouble but you’re in the early stages of your engagement? Pre-marital counseling may be helpful to you and your partner. We wish everyone the best with their wedding plans and hope that this is one article you won’t have to use!

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