The Newest Wedding Trend: Vegan Weddings

One of the newest wedding trends for 2014 is having a vegan wedding ceremony and reception. For those who don’t know, being vegan is “…the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products, particularly in diet”. This includes all animal derived or made products including milk and sometimes, honey. Followers of the vegan-lifestyle also shun animal products outside of their diets and will not wear fur or leather products. Our Brooklyn wedding photographers are well acquainted with the vegan wedding ceremonies and believe it will continue to become a bigger trend, especially in New York City for 2014.

So, what does a vegan wedding entail, exactly? It’s up to the couple, of course, but generally, it means a vegan cuisine wedding buffet or meal. Make sure you find a wedding caterer with experience creating vegan entrees or you could end up with a plate of plain raw vegetables.  Work with your wedding caterer to find great recipe ideas and test them out before your vegan wedding reception. Finding a chef with vegan cooking expertise will be easier in larger more cosmopolitan cities.

Aside from the food, there are other vegan elements that will be part of the wedding celebration. Brides may wear non-silk vegan wedding dresses, as silk is produced by silk worms. Also the wedding party, bride and groom will wear non-leather shoes.  As for the vegan bridal makeup, the bride would use cosmetic products that are not tested on animals or made using animal products. Finally, a vegan wedding service will not include any horse-drawn carriages or dove releases.

New York wedding photography is always exciting! Our wedding photographers also love seeing the newest trends and all the different ways couples chose to celebrate their special day. From Le Image Inc to all the couples planning their wedding, congratulations!

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