The Perils of a Destination Wedding

Many couples are now combining their wedding ceremony with their honeymoon and booking destination weddings. For those who don’t know, a “destination wedding” is a wedding held at a vacation like setting. Unlike most traditional wedding ceremonies, these wedding celebrations last far longer than a day. The biggest myth about the destination wedding is that it’s a stress-free way to plan your wedding. While most large resorts may have extensive wedding planning services, there are many challenging aspects to planning your exotic wedding.

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First of all, a destination wedding may not be for you if you dream of having tons of wedding guests to witness your special day. The farther the location of the wedding, the less likely your friends and family are going to be able to go. Many people can’t get that much time off work or afford the extensive travel involved with an exotic wedding. Also, you have to assume that not all of your wedding guests have their passport up to date and ready to go for your wedding ceremony. With destination weddings, couples are subject to inclement weather and other travel issues which may lead to delays with arrivals of the wedding party.

Also, many of the wedding planning services many resorts have may not be complete wedding packages. Our New York Wedding photographers heartily suggest double-checking that your location includes arrangements for music, wedding flowers, the wedding cake, hairdressers, photographers and an officiant.

So, when are destination weddings a great option for your wedding ceremony? Our Brooklyn wedding photography team recommends them for couples who want an intimate wedding ceremony (few guests) and want to combine their honeymoon and wedding expenses. Many couples hate having to travel right after their stressful wedding day to their honeymoon location but with an exotic wedding, that’s not the case. Whatever you decide Le Image wishes you the best with your wedding planning! Congratulations to all the new couples.

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