Tips for a Great Engagement Shoot

In the midst of planning a wedding, couples must also make time for an engagement photo shoot. Engagement photography has now become ubiquitous for wedding photographers and engaged couples alike. For being so commonplace, many couples struggle for engagement photo ideas and poses. In this article we have complied a list of helpful engagement photo tips to make sure your pictures represent you and your fiancé well and get your friends and family excited about your upcoming wedding!

1.     Location, Location, Location– Many couples struggle to think of a location for their engagement photos. Your wedding photographer may have some ideas and favorite places but if you want to make your images more personalized, it is best that the couple chooses the location. Are you and your fiancé urban dwellers or do you dream of the countryside? Many New York couples looking to include nature in their engagement pictures go to Central Park or Prospect Park. It may be easier to brainstorm locations if you can decide on a city or rural look to your images. Some couples like to take their engagement photos at a location that is significant to their relationship. I’ve seen one example of college sweethearts who had their engagement photos taken at the university they both went to and the photos were adorable!

2.    Be Your Own Stylist-Celebrities get the luxury of having a fashion stylist choose their outfits everyday so that they look gorgeous the minute they walk out the door in the morning. The rest of us, are not that lucky. Couples do know what they look best in. If you are truly stumped on what to wear, try to simplify! Ask yourself, where are you shooting your engagement photos?  If you are shooting in the city, dress up! Ladies, that means heels and gentlemen, that means a dress shirt. If you are shooting in a more natural setting, let that inform your decisions as well.  Rain boots can make a fun and quirky accessory for an outdoor setting. Also pay attention to the seasons! If you are shooting your engagement photos in winter, don’t take photos outdoors in a strapless dress or short-sleeved shirts! Finally, make sure you and your fiancé’s outfits don’t clash! If you are nervous about the styling of the shoot, feel free to bring more than one outfit.

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 3.    Check the Weather & Have a Plan B– A simple tip, but one worth bringing up. Make sure you check the weather forecast for your engagement photo shoot date. Make sure you have ideas for both indoor and outdoor settings for your photos and make sure you tell your wedding photographer how comfortable you are with shooting in the rain. Kissing under an umbrella in the rain always makes for a cute engagement photo!

 4.    Pets are Members of the Family too! – Including pets in your engagement photos are fun way to bring the couples’ personality into their photos. Having a pet around also lowers everyone’s guard, giving you a relaxed look which results in more natural poses. You may have to shoot at your home or apartment for some pets but be sure to check with your desired engagement photo venue, just in case. Many places in NYC are very dog friendly!

 5.    Practice Makes Perfect!- Engagement photography is a great way to see how you and your wedding photographer will connect on your wedding day. Does the photographer communicate clearly and make you and your beloved feel comfortable in front of the camera? Did they capture flattering images of you and your groom/bride? Were they willing to keep shooting photos until you were happy with the pictures? Engagement photoshoots are a great way to evaluate how well you and the wedding photographer will work together on your special day.

We hope these five tips for a great engagement shoot were helpful to all you engaged couples out there. Engagement photos are great way to share the love you and your fiancé have for each other and they also get your wedding guests buzzing with exciting for your wedding ceremony! Most wedding photography studios provide engagement photo services and can show you their previous photo shoots to spark your creativity! Get excited about your engagement photo shoot, don’t dread it! Being engaged is such a lovely time for a couple, so be sure to enjoy it before the madness of your wedding day. Congratulations to all the lovely engaged couples out there!


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