Tips for a Stress Free Wedding day

As part of a New York wedding photography studio, one of the most common questions I get asked by brides is how to have the least stressful wedding day. I am always happy to provide tips for brides, especially on the topic of stress free wedding planning! This is an especially hot topic for couples getting married in big cities, like New York and Los Angeles. Below are my top tips for couples looking to tie the knot without stress and anxiety ruining their day.

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1. Get a Wedding Planner- This will take away all of the stressful parts of planning your wedding and leave you with only the fun parts. This way you can still decide between great wedding vendors and styles for your wedding without having to make calls and reconfirm appointments and schedules.

2. Get a Free Wedding Checklist- Big wedding blogs and websites like, The Wedding Wire, provide stressed brides with easy to read checklists to break down all the chores to be done before the wedding ceremony. This is a great option if you’re getting married on a budget and won’t be using the services of a wedding planner.

3. Get a Free Wedding Website- Many wedding photographers provide free wedding websites as part of their wedding photography packages. Some larger bridal blogs and websites like, The Knot, also provide wedding websites for its members. These websites allow users to upload their invitations, save the dates, engagement photos and wedding registries all in one convenient place, so you won’t have to worry about your family and guests losing anything. Wedding websites are a great tool and help you keep track of all your wedding details all in one place.

4. Schedule Far More Time than You Would Estimate- This is one tip whose importance I can’t underline enough. Our New York wedding photographers always see the stress of the bride to be come to a boiling point during the bridal portraits and family photos, which end up taking far longer than you would imagine. When in doubt, add at least half an hour or an hour to all the events of your wedding day so you won’t be pressed for time during the ceremony or reception.

5. Keep Your Eye on the Prize- Remember, you are getting married today, and that is such a wonderful thing! Try to be flexible and grateful during your stressful moments. Nothing will ever be perfect, so go with the flow as much as possible. You are celebrating a lifetime commitment to your beloved, not entering an event-planning contest.

I hope our top five tips for a stress-free wedding day were helpful to all our couples planning their wedding day. Just take a deep breath, and with these tips, we guarantee you will survive the madness that surrounds any wedding day. Congrats!

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