Wedding Invitations – Things to Look for

Choosing your wedding invitations can be a fun yet stressful aspect of wedding planning.  The wedding invitation sets the mood of the wedding ceremony to your friends and family by defining your wedding’s style. Our New York wedding photographers and wedding team here at Le Image Inc has compiled a list of our top tips for finding your perfect wedding invitations!

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1. Do Your Research- It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when digging through all the samples at your local wedding stationary store. If you come in with a basic idea or style for the wedding cards, the wedding invitation specialist can help point you in the direction that fits with your wedding day aesthetic, instead of showing you every past invitation they made.

2. Make Sure It’s Easy to Read– Although this may sound obvious, we have seen many beautiful wedding invites with swirling wedding calligraphy that made it impossible to read any of the wedding day information. If you choose to use calligraphy on your wedding invitations, make sure the key information like wedding venue, date and time are completely legible.

3. Consider Size- It’s easy to get sucked into those fun oversized wedding invites but remember, you’re the one who will be stuck paying for the extra postage on those cards. Oversized cards can also mean that your friends and family who live in apartments or condos may have an issue of receiving your invite due to tiny New York mailboxes.

4. Know the Exact Number You’ll Need- It sounds obvious, but this is one wedding invitation tip that needs to be highlighted! Don’t get stuck with extra boxes of invites or even worse, stuck with too few wedding invites to send out. Having an exact number of invites makes it easier on you and saves you money! 


We truly hope you found this article helpful. We know wedding planning can be very stressful but if you relax and plan, almost anything is possible. We wish the best to all of our couples looking to time the knot! Congratulations!

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