Vendor Highlight: Giando on the Water

Giando on the Water may be the best NYC Skyline Wedding Venue in Brooklyn! In addition to being conveniently located in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, Giando on the Water offers one of the most coveted skyline views in Brooklyn with unobstructed views of the Williamsburg Bridge, East River and lower east side of Manhattan. The waterfront wedding venue is family owned and operates as an Italian restaurant that is open to the public when the unique space is not being used for a wedding celebration.

Our Brooklyn wedding photographers and videography team have worked at Giando many times and always capture amazing photos and wedding video at the Brooklyn venue! As a matter of fact, our wedding photographers and videography team have captured so many beautiful weddings at Giando on the Water that they added our Brooklyn wedding photography studio to their preferred vendor list! Giando on the Water is the perfect wedding venue choice for couples who want an intimate setting with dramatic skyline views on the water. Add in the fact that the food is delicious and affordable and picking Giando on the Water for your wedding day celebration is a no-brainer! Keep reading for more info on what makes Giando on the Water so special and why you should check them out for yourself…

Barn Wedding Venues

Sometimes you just need to unplug and de-stress from all the seemingly wonderful things modern day technology brings. Constant texting, 24/7 social media feeds, emailing… tweeting… and looking at a screen all day (whether it be your computer,tablet or smart phone) may keep us virtually connected but could be hurting our “real life” connections more then we realize! Every industry is being affected by this “instant gratification” problem including weddings! Smart phones and social media make it possible for everyone (including those not invited) to see your big day happen live..even before the newlyweds themselves see the photos & video of their wedding day! Because of this, more and more couples are choosing to take it back to the good old days by hosting an “unplugged wedding” in an effort to help their guests reconnect to what’s really important….being in the moment!

Wedding venues are getting in on the “unplugged” movement as well offering rustic settings for couples who really want to take a step back in time! Barn wedding venues are becoming more and more popular for couples seeking a rustic wedding venue in the Tristate area. Our photographers and videographers have captured nostalgic photos and wedding video at several beautiful barn wedding venues in NYC, NJ, Long Island and CT. Keep reading for more info on these “old school” wedding venues and why you should consider hosting your wedding at a barn wedding venue!

Small Wedding Venues NYC

When you most people think NYC wedding, they think BIG! After all, NYC is known for doing things in a big way. From historic New Year’s Eve parties in Times Square to the famous New York Marathon, NYC is home to big events! When it comes to weddings however, one size does not fit all. Our wedding photographers are capturing more and more intimate weddings at small wedding venues in NYC than ever before. As a matter of fact, our popular all-inclusive elopement package was created in response to so many of our clients inquiring about How to Elope in NYC!

But if an intimate wedding in Central Park isn’t quite what you had in mind, one of the small wedding venues in NYC may be right for you. Our NYC wedding photographers have worked at most of the wedding venues throughout New York City and have seen first hand just how special a small wedding can be! Besides relieving a lot of the stress that comes with planning a large wedding, choosing to host your wedding at one of the intimate wedding venues in NYC also saves a ton of money, since most of the small wedding venues in NYC offer very affordable wedding packages! Keep reading to find out more about some of our NYC wedding photographers top picks for the best small wedding venues in NYC!

Editorial Style Wedding Photography

NYC wedding photographers are some of the most talented wedding photographers in the world and are as diverse as New York City itself! From editorial style wedding photography to traditional and photojournalistic styles, there is a lot to be considered when figuring out what wedding photography style is right for you. Well known wedding websites like and even offer wedding photography style quiz for couples who are looking for an NYC wedding photographer and want to figure out the wedding photography style that works best for them.

Some NY wedding photographers specialize in a specific style while others are experienced in shooting several styles of wedding photography and shoot based on the preferences of the couple. Our team of experienced NYC wedding photographers do it all! Besides offering the most affordable wedding photography packages in NYC, our Brooklyn photography studio works with photographers with many years of experience shooting in several different styles of wedding photography, including editorial style wedding photography. So what is editorial style wedding photography exactly and what type of couples usually prefer this wedding photography style? Keep reading for more info on our NYC wedding photographers experience shooting this style of photography and why it may be right for you..

NYC Wedding

Our Brooklyn wedding photographers and videographers have been honored to be a part of countless NYC weddings. Our affordable team of wedding professionals do everything from capturing wedding photos and video at some of the top NYC wedding venues, to performing wedding ceremonies in Central Park and helping NYC couples plan their New York wedding! Over the years we have developed a reliable team of wedding photographers and videographers, registered NY officiants and NYC wedding planners to help New York couples make their wedding dreams a reality. New York couples have no shortage of wedding professionals to choose from for their NYC wedding, but if you are looking for an experienced team of photographers and videographers that guarantee high quality wedding photos at an affordable price, our Brooklyn photography and video studio is the best choice!

So what’s so great about an NYC wedding? Besides having access to a ton of unique and affordable wedding venues, couples who choose to get hitched in NYC have free (or low cost) access to some of the best places to take wedding photos with skyline views, waterfront options or natural park settings (Central Park Weddings are a very popular option ). There are also tons of wedding packages to choose from including affordable full day wedding packages, all-inclusive elopement packages and now thanks to our one-of-a-kind build your own package tool, fully customizable wedding photo and video packages. Keep reading for more info and tips on planning your NYC wedding!

Unique NYC Wedding Venues

More and more couples are choosing to forgo the classic wedding venues for less traditional settings at some of the top unique NYC wedding venues. Fortunately for them, New York City is home to tons of unique wedding venues that offer affordable wedding packages. From converted car restorations shops like 501 Union in Brooklyn, NY to historic wedding venues like Onderdonk House in Queens, (the oldest Dutch Colonial stone house in NYC) our wedding photographers have captured amazing wedding photo and video at some of the top unique NYC wedding venues.

If you and your fiance’ are literary lovers, you can get married in the New York Public library and give back at the same time since the rental fee supports the beloved non profit. If a rooftop wedding venue is more your taste, then 620 Loft and Garden in Manhattan offers a garden setting 60 flights above the bustling NYC streets with a reflective pool and stunning views of St Patricks Cathedral. Whatever you choose, our experienced team of wedding photographers and videographers can capture it all! Keep reading for our top picks for the best unique NYC wedding venues!

NYC Elopement Photographer

Our NYC elopement photographers have been capturing elopements in New York City since 2011. After receiving numerous requests for elopement photography in Central Park and other parts of NYC, we created our now popular all-inclusive elopement packages. More and more couples are choosing to keep their wedding day plan simple and tie the knot with a short elopement ceremony in Central Park or other public (and free) locations throughout New York . Many of our elopement clients travel from abroad and need an NYC elopement photographer that knows the best places to elope in NYC and can connect them with other New York wedding professionals like officiants, florist and hair and makeup professionals. Our elopement planners take care of all the arrangements including securing the permit to host your ceremony in Central Park (or other parks in NYC), arranging floral delivery to your hotel and more! City Hall weddings aren’t the only option (although a great choice as well) when eloping in New York and our NYC elopement photographers can walk you through the steps of how to elope in NYC and capture it all. Check out our article for more info on how our NYC elopement photographers can help you plan your New York City elopement!

Staten Island Wedding Venues

Staten Island, NY is home to around 480,000 NYC residents. For over 200 years, the famous Staten Island Ferry has been offering New Yorkers a quick escape from the other more populated boroughs with a free scenic boat ride across the Bay and access to great public parks, a popular zoo and some of the best restaurants in NYC. For couples getting hitched in New York City, Staten Island is also home to some of the most affordable wedding venues in NYC! Completely surrounded by water, Staten Island is the perfect choice for couples seeking a waterfront wedding venue that’s easily accessible from other parts of New York. Our photographers and videographers don’t mind the commute from our Brooklyn wedding photography studio and have worked at most of the Staten Island wedding venues and always capture beautiful wedding photo and video on the island!

Choosing a less populated borough to host your wedding is a great way to save when planning an NYC wedding on a budget! Besides offering more intimate settings and flexible pricing, Staten Island wedding venues come with one of the best NYC Skyline Views around ! Getting married on Staten Island gives your wedding guests a “destination wedding” experience and thanks to it’s easy access from New Jersey and the other boroughs, your guests won’t have the hassle of the “destination wedding” travel!

Although Staten Island is the smallest of the boroughs in New York City, there are several types of wedding venues to choose from when getting married on the Island. From beach wedding venues to cultural Japanese gardens to rooftop wedding venues with a view, Staten Island has something for every couple getting married in NY. Keep reading for more info on some of our photographers favorite Staten Island wedding venues.

NYC Engagement Photographer

Our NYC engagement photographers have been capturing beautiful engagement photos throughout NYC since our Brooklyn wedding photography studio opened! Couples love the opportunity to celebrate their engagement with a professional photo session and get to work with our wedding photographers before the big day! New York City is full of great engagement photo locations and our photographers can help you figure out the best engagement photo ideas based on your taste and style as a couple. Our engagement photo prices are some of the most affordable in NYC and you receive high quality engagement photos that you can share to make the announcement or as beautiful table centerpieces at the wedding! Your engagement photo package includes a fun highlight page with the best photos from your engagement photo shoot which is great for sharing with family and friends. If you want to get the ball rolling early, consider our affordable proposal photography package and let one of our NYC proposal photographers capture the beginning of your journey to the altar! (We can give great recommendations on the best places to propose in NYC as well!). Keep reading for more info and tips on NYC engagement photos and why our studio is rated as one of the best NYC engagement photographers out there!

Vendor Highlight: Deity Events – Brooklyn Wedding Venue

Being an NYC wedding photographer and videographer means being a part of a pretty awesome group of wedding professionals in New York. From NYC wedding DJs who get the party started to amazing wedding florist, officiants and NYC wedding planners, we have had the opportunity to meet and partner with some of the top wedding vendors in NYC! No matter the size of your wedding or the professionals you choose, finding the right wedding venue is key! After all, you need a place to get hitched and celebrate after wards!

Choosing a wedding venue that reflects your style as a couple, fits into your budget and is easily accessible from other parts of NYC are a few factors to consider when you begin your search for a NY wedding venue. Our photographers and video team have worked at most of the wedding venues in New York and surrounding areas and know first hand that choosing the right wedding venue can make or break your wedding day!

If you choose to get married in Brooklyn (great choice by the way) Deity Events is a great option and one of our favorite Brooklyn wedding venues by far! The unique Brooklyn wedding venue is owned and operated by a husband and wife team and offers exclusive use of over 5,000 square feet of space with 3 levels (5 if you count the rooftop and Bridal Suite). The Deity wedding cost is surprisingly affordable for all that they offer and to top it off, the in-house catering is delicious and the staff are super friendly and professional. Our photography and videographers love shooting at Deity (it’s like our second home) and have been honored to capture many wedding celebrations in the unique wedding venue.

Keep reading for more information on Deity Events and what makes this Brooklyn wedding venue one of our favorites!

NYC Wedding Photographer

Our articles on how to find an “Affordable wedding photographer in NYC” and “NYC Wedding Photographer Cost” were so popular that we have returned to give you more pointers on what to look for when starting your search for a NYC Wedding Photographer. The average engagement in NY is around 14 months with most couples booking their NYC Wedding Photographer about 9 months before the wedding. So, on average, that leaves couples with only 5 months to research, interview and decide on a wedding photographer for their big day. Add in the added pressure of finding an affordable NYC wedding venue, NYC Wedding Planner (yes you need one of those), a Wedding DJ in New York that won’t break the bank and of course someone to make it all legal (an NYC officiant) and 5 months suddenly feels very short! We can’t count how many times a frazzled Bride has called praying that we have a wedding photographer available because they waited until the last minute to research wedding photographer prices and were shocked at NYC wedding photographer cost! After all, planning a wedding in one of the most expensive cities in the world without going into debt isn’t exactly easy ! Luckily our inexpensive wedding photographer packages are extremely affordable and our wedding photography team is known for being one of the most affordable wedding photographers in New York!

So now that you realize you are probably a few months behind in booking your NYC Wedding Photographer, what should you look for when choosing a photographer for your big day? Of course, finding an affordable wedding photography package is important.. but there is truth to the saying “you get what you pay for” so be leery of the cheap wedding photographers in NYC that seem too good to be true!

Booking a NYC Wedding Photographer that is experienced and familiar with your NYC Wedding venue is always a plus (and the venue can give you feedback on the photographers as well). Another key factor in finding the right NYC Wedding Photographer is making sure they have a good reputation. Check out their reviews on popular sites like Yelp and The Knot to see what other couple have said about their experience with the photographers.. don’t just take their word for it… after all this may be one of the most important decisions you make on your journey to the altar! Your NYC wedding photographer will be there on your big day to capture all the special moments that you want to remember for the rest of your life, so choose wisely! Keep reading for more inside info on how to choose the best NYC Wedding Photographer for you!

NYC Skyline Wedding Venues

NYC is known for many things. Luxury shopping, amazing ethnic foods, Broadway shows and of course the skyline views! The NYC skyline is one of the most coveted views in the world, New Yorkers pay top dollar for an apartment with a view of the skyline and people travel from all over the world to get a peek at our amazing skyline, so its no wonder that those planning a wedding in or around New York want a wedding venue with skyline views on their big day! Our photographers are asked for suggestions all the time on the best locations to take engagement and wedding photos with a view of the NYC skyline and luckily NYC has plenty! From affordable rooftop wedding venues with views of the skyline to Yacht weddings that sail around the city to outdoor ceremony locations in Central Park, there are plenty to choose from when seeking a wedding venue with city views. Keep reading to find out more as our photography and video team weigh in on the top 10 wedding venues with NYC skyline views..

Affordable Wedding Venues in Bronx, NY

When most people from NYC think of the Bronx, they think of the Yankees, amazing food and good music (the Bronx is widely acknowledged as the birth place of Hip Hop) but the Bronx is also home to many beautiful and affordable wedding venues! Easily accessible from the Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn, the Bronx may be the perfect choice when looking for an inexpensive wedding venue in NY. From reception halls in the Bronx to outdoor wedding venues to rooftop wedding venues with a view, there are tons of affordable wedding venues in the Bronx. Our photography and video team have shot at most of the wedding venues in the Bronx and are never disappointed. Keep reading for more info as our “Affordable Wedding Venues in New York” series continues with a look at some of the best inexpensive wedding venues in the Bronx…

Affordable Wedding Venues Queens

If you are looking for an inexpensive wedding venue in Queens, NY then you are in luck! Out of all of the boroughs, Queens may have the largest amount of affordable wedding venues in NYC. From luxury wedding venues featuring ballrooms and crystal chandeliers to intimate rooftop wedding venues with a view, Queens has something for everyone. Our photographers and video team have worked at most of the wedding reception halls in Queens and are always impressed. Thanks to the recent development of Long Island City, more and more wedding venues are opening every year, making it easy to find a wedding venue in Queens on a budget. The borough has several popular parks for wedding photos like Gantry Plaza State Park and Flushing Meadow Park and is easily accessible from Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx. There are even venues with all inclusive wedding packages in Queens, NY. So if you are planning a New York wedding on a budget and need tips on some of the most affordable wedding venues in Queens, keep reading!

Affordable Wedding Venues Manhattan

Part two in our popular “Affordable NYC Wedding Venues” series, our photography and video team have weighed in on their pick for the top affordable wedding venues in Manhattan. Typically the words “affordable” and “Manhattan” don’t appear in the same sentence, as a matter of fact, CNN reported the average cost of getting hitched in Manhattan at around $77K . That’s double the national average! So what are the choices for budget-conscious brides and grooms who want to host their wedding in Manhattan ? There is always the option of keeping it simple and eloping at City Hall, or booking one of our all-inclusive elopement packages and having your ceremony in Central Park or one of the other beautiful places to elope in NYC . But if your mother has threatened to take you out of the will if you elope (we’ve actually heard this before) then keep reading for our tips on how to have a wedding in Manhattan without breaking the bank and find a venue that is both beautiful and affordable !

Brooklyn Rooftop Wedding Venue

Due to the popularity of our recent article on some of the best NYC Rooftop Wedding Venues, we decided to highlight the Brooklyn rooftop wedding venue we mentioned on our blog, The W Loft. Part of the BK Venues family, our photographers and video team love working at The W Loft and have captured amazing photo and video at the Williamsburg-based venue! Brooklyn has made a huge impact in the wedding venue arena and couples getting hitched in the hip borough have a ton of wedding venues to choose from, including this recently renovated scenic rooftop venue. Our wedding planners fell in love with the elegant raw space and have worked with couples to convert this beautiful venue into a wedding masterpiece! Guests enjoy views of the Manhattan skyline, two suites for getting ready and an indoor space with glass walls to bring the outdoors in, for your reception (or to offer backup space for your ceremony in case of rain). To top it all off, The W Loft is also one of the most affordable wedding venues in Brooklyn, offering couples several rental options and freedom to bring in their own vendors, allowing even more flexibility with your wedding budget. Check out our article for photos of this beautiful rooftop venue and more details on why this Brooklyn wedding venue is giving Manhattan rooftop venues a run for their money!

Long Island Wedding Venues

Long Island is home to some of the most beautiful wedding venues in New York. Our photography and video team love shooting on the Island and have captured countless wedding celebrations there. From intimate elopements in the Hamptons to large wedding receptions in a Mansion, you will be sure to find a venue that fits your needs and budget. Long Island offers tons of wedding venues with a view that are near the water on both sides of the Island (with amazing views of the Long Island Sound) and several beach wedding options as well, so you don’t have to travel far from NYC to get that “destination” wedding experience. Surprisingly affordable, most of the Long Island wedding venues will work with you on pricing. Book one of our affordable wedding photo and video packages and you are all set! Our photographers can give you great pointers on the best locations in Long Island for wedding photos and our wedding planners will assist you in creating your timeline to make sure every special moment is captured. Check out our article for more info about some of our favorite Long Island wedding venues…

Queens Wedding Venues

When looking for an affordable wedding venue in NYC, Queens, NY may be your best bet! Our photographers have worked at many of the wedding venues in Queens and are always impressed. Queens, New York is easily accessible from the other boroughs including Manhattan and Brooklyn and with the recent development of Long Island City, this borough is offering more and more wedding venue options for couples on a budget. From reception hall venues, to Botanical gardens to rooftop wedding venues on the water, Queens wedding venues offer amazing views and backdrops for your photos. If you want a unique venue option in Queens consider Queens County Farm. You can get married on an operating farm complete with live animals and a barn for your reception! Whatever your style, you will be sure to find an affordable option and staff that is willing to go above and beyond to make your big day perfect! Check out our article for more info on our photographers top picks for the best wedding venues in Queens on a budget.

Affordable Wedding Photographer NYC

Finding an affordable wedding photographer in NYC can seem like a daunting task. After all, New York is one of the most expensive cities in the world with the average wedding cost coming in well over $70K. Even if you are lucky enough to get a date booked at one of the best affordable wedding venues in NYC , you still have to buy the dress, rings, gifts for the wedding party, favors etc.. it all adds up pretty fast!

Your wedding photos are one of the few tangible items you will have after the big day, so the quality of your wedding photography should never be compromised to save a buck or two. Luckily, our affordable wedding photography packages give clients on a budget the option to have the best of both worlds. Our team of professionals are some of the best photographers in NYC and take great pride in providing amazing photography for our clients. You will never have to choose between quality and affordability when booking our wedding packages. We offer a one-of-a-kind build your own package tool giving you even more control over your budget and allowing you to add what you need and leave off what you don’t ! If you aren’t sure what you want to include in your photo package we can help you figure that out too.

Our photographers have worked at most of the popular NYC wedding venues and can give great pointers on how many hours of coverage you will need to get the photos you want. There are a few things to keep in mind when searching for an affordable wedding photographer of course. A cheap wedding photo package doesn’t always mean it’s the best option for you, after all you know the old saying, “you get what you pay for”….
Check out our article for some fool proof ways to book an affordable wedding photo package without sacrificing quality..

Castle Wedding Venues in NY and CT

You found your prince (or princess) charming, you fell in love, got engaged and now you just need a Castle to get hitched in before riding your horse off into the sunset. Luckily, New York and the surrounding areas have several Castle wedding venues available for couples planning their fairytale wedding! Choosing a Castle for your wedding venue pretty much guarantees amazing wedding photography and video! Our photographer and videographers have shot at several of the Castle wedding venues in the NY area and are always blown away by their beauty. From Long Island to Connecticut to a local miniature Castle right here in NYC, there is something for everyone.

Of course when you book a Castle wedding venue you want your guest to feel like royalty and the staff at these venues see to it that every single detail is taken care of. From manicured lawns and top notch catering, to decked out Bridal Suites and guest rooms , your Castle celebration will feel more like a destination wedding in a chateau in France!

You don’t have to be an heir to a trust fund to afford a Castle wedding either! These Castle venues offer great pricing that is comparable to the cost of other affordable wedding venues in NYC . Add in our cheap photo and video package and all you have left to do is wave to your subjects..I mean…wedding guests… after you say I Do! Be sure to check out our article for more photos and information on some of the best local Castle wedding venues so you can start planning your fairytale wedding now!

Affordable Wedding Venues Brooklyn

When looking for a wedding venue in NYC the words “affordable, cheap, or inexpensive” don’t typically come to mind. However, you may be surprised to find out that there are actually affordable wedding venues in NYC that offer beautiful unique spaces and all-inclusive packages without breaking the bank. Our photographers have shot at most of the New York wedding venues, from expensive luxury venues like Guastavino Event Space to intimate elopements in Central Park that only cost $25 bucks for the permit. With the development of up-and coming-boroughs like Long Island City, Queens (home to the popular Metropolitan Building wedding venue ) and the revitalization of industrial neighborhoods like Dumbo and Red Hook in Brooklyn, the hunt for affordable wedding venues is becoming an easier task for budget-conscious couples.

Speaking of Brooklyn, the hip borough not only offers various options for an affordable wedding venue, but is also home to several parks like the Brooklyn Bridge Park and Prospect Park, so you don’t have to go far for amazing backdrops for your wedding photography ! From waterfront venues like Giando on the Water in Williamsburg to the hip 3-story rooftop venue in downtown Brooklyn at Deity Events, Brooklyn has something for everyone. Of course, our photo studio is also located here and fortunately no matter the price of the venue, our affordable photography packages can make your big day look like a million bucks! But if you don’t actually want to spend that much check our our article to find out our top picks for the best affordable wedding venues in Brooklyn!

Waterfront Wedding Venues New York

If you are looking for waterfront wedding venue in NY then you are in luck! After all, New York is home to several islands and the entire state is on the coast, so finding a wedding venue with views of the water is easy to come by. Of course, thanks to the views and natural lighting your photography is sure to be amazing! Our photographers and videographers love shooting on the water and your wedding guests will appreciate the treat as well! Our photo and video team have shot at most of the coveted NYC wedding venues on the water and are never disappointed. From Bronx-based venues with floor to ceiling windows to Manhattan event spaces docked right on the water, most of the NYC waterfront venues can accommodate both large and intimate weddings. You can even get married in a waterfront ceremony with views of the Manhattan skyline under the Brooklyn Bridge ! One of the many advantages of choosing a waterfront wedding venue with views is being able to bring the “outdoors” inside for your reception. You get the best of both worlds having a beautiful indoor reception location with the feel and views of an outdoor venue! If you really want to bring in the whoa factor for your wedding on the water, consider hosting a Yacht wedding for an ultimate “waterfront” experience. Check out our article for more information on our photographer and videographers picks for the best waterfront wedding venues in NY!

NYC Wedding Photographer Cost

Finding an affordable wedding photographer in NYC may seem impossible. After all when you think New York the words “affordable, cheap or inexpensive” don’t usually come to mind, especially when calculating the cost of hosting a wedding in our great city, but it is possible! Thanks to the addition of many intimate and unique wedding venues throughout New York, affordable photography studios like ours and caring wedding vendors who are willing to work with your budget, it is possible to get married in NYC without breaking the bank (although you may have to break a few hearts when saying no to other expensive photographers out there).

Our photography team is made up of some of the best New York has to offer. After years of customizing our wedding packages to meet our client’s needs and budget we developed a “build your own package” tool that lets couples pick exactly what they need and leave out the things they don’t which offers even more flexible prices! AND with our photography packages you never have to sacrifice quality for affordability. It doesn’t cost more to get a “top photographer” at our studio; all our photographers have been capturing weddings for years and come with a diverse background and a pleasant attitude!

Our studio offers hourly photo packages that are perfect for couples that come to New York to elope or are planning an intimate wedding or full day photography packages for couples that want to capture everything from start to finish. If you are somewhere in between, don’t worry you can customize our photo package to fit your needs. We also offer add ons like wedding video options, engagement photo shoots and more…. So what can you expect to pay for a wedding photographer in NYC? Thanks to our amazing photographers , an “arm and a leg” isn’t required.. check out our article for more information…

NYC Rooftop Wedding Venues

New York City is ranked as the #1 most populous city in the US. Home to over 8 million people, with the exception of Central Park, the city doesn’t have the luxury of offering a lot of open space. But what the Big Apple lacks on the ground it makes up for in the sky! Manhattan is known for it’s rooftop bars and many other boroughs offer city views with your drink as well like the Long Island City based Vista Sky Lounge. Locals and tourist alike spend summer nights hanging out and enjoying the views on rooftops across the boroughs.

For engaged couples seeking that “whoa factor” for their big day, NYC rooftop venues offer jaw-dropping views that are sure to impress. Our photographers have had the opportunity to work at several of the popular rooftop venues and have captured some pretty amazing photos! From intimate elopements 70 stories above the streets of Manhattan at the Top of the Rock to Brooklyn rooftop ceremonies, getting hitched at a rooftop venue guarantees that your wedding photography will have an amazing backdrop no matter the location!

New York Indian Wedding Photographer

One of the many advantages of working in wedding photography and video is being able to witness some of the beautiful traditional rituals of our multicultural clients. From Jewish wedding ceremonies under a Chuppah to American and African fusion celebrations our photographers and videographers respect and appreciate all cultures!

No matter the tradition, planning a wedding is hard work! Securing a date, finding a venue that fits your needs (and budget) and then inviting (and paying for) 100 or more of your closest friends and family to celebrate with you…It can be a daunting task ! Most brides have a hard time planning one wedding and would probably gasp at the idea of organizing a 3-day wedding celebration! But that is exactly what Indian couples do!

Our photographers and videographers have had the pleasure of capturing several Indian Weddings and have fallen in love with the beautiful traditions. Our Indian clients love the fact that they can customize our wedding package to fit the diverse needs of each day’s events and not break the bank! Curious to know what happens during an Indian wedding? Keep reading for a breakdown of the 3 day celebration!

How to Elope in NYC

NYC is one the biggest tourist destinations in the world. With a countless array of restaurants, nightlife,entertainment and cultural activities available literally 24 hours, it’s no wonder our great city was nicknamed the “city that never sleeps” . New York is also an amazing elopement destination location for couples who want to tie the knot and spend their honeymoon in the Big Apple! Our photographers and elopement team love working with couples from all over the world and serving as an unofficial tour guide for some of the best places to visit while you are here.

Our all-inclusive elopement packages come complete with a photographer and videographer to capture it all, an officiant to perform your wedding ceremony and make it legal, hair and makeup artist to come to your hotel and get you dolled up and we can even throw in a bridal bouquet and wedding album to show all your friends and family back home.

NYC offers hundreds of free or low cost ceremony locations like the famous Ladies Pavilion in Central Park (the permit is only $25 bucks!) , a man-made beach in Brooklyn Bridge Park (nestled next to a famous Carousel) and some of our couples who really wanna keep it “New York” have even eloped in the middle of Times Square ! No matter your taste (or budget) eloping in NYC is always a great choice. Check out our article for a step by step guide on how to elope in NYC!

Best Unique Brooklyn Wedding Venues

With the welcoming of the New Year and Valentine’s Day right around the corner, engagement season is upon us! Our all-inclusive packages now include wedding planning services and our phones have been buzzing with inquiries from newly engaged couples asking about the best places to get hitched in NYC. Traditional wedding venues are still a great option for some but we’ve noticed more and more couples are seeking a unique option for their big day.

From a converted synagogue in downtown Brooklyn to a former warehouse with a rooftop in Williamsburg, this hip borough has something to offer for every taste and budget! If you are getting hitched in Brooklyn you don’t have to go far to find a beautiful outdoor space for your first look either! Brooklyn Bridge Park offers breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline and is home to several well known attractions like Jane’s Carousel and Brooklyn Ice Cream factory.

Smack Mellon (which is located in Dumbo) offers couples a rustic space lined with cobble stone streets, while Giando on the Water (in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn) has waterfront dining and an outdoor space for your ceremony that is unmatched! Our photographers love capturing weddings in our home borough and are never disappointed! Check out the article for our top 4 choices for best unique Brooklyn venues!

I DO! But when? How to choose your Wedding Date.

You met the perfect guy/girl, you fell in love and now you’re engaged to be married! The hard part is over right? Well if you are anything like the thousands of other couples that are planning a wedding, the answer might be NO! The next crucial step in the process of making it to the altar is picking the perfect date to say I Do. There are many factors to consider when picking your wedding date; which season you prefer, when your guests can attend, do you want an indoor or outdoor wedding; and perhaps one of the most important questions, how does my wedding date affect my wedding budget? A weekday off-season (Jan-March) wedding is by far the less expensive option but also makes it highly unlikely that all your guests will be able to attend, while an evening wedding on a Saturday in the summer will require a larger budget in most cases. It really all boils down to deciding what is important to you as a couple. Perhaps getting married on the same date that you had your first date is priority, or picking a Friday that coincides with a major holiday so that your guests can travel to your destination wedding is what’s right for you. Whatever you choose, you never have to worry about paying more for your photography and video wedding packages with our studio. Our pricing is the same year round and we even have a one of a kind “Build your own…

No need for cold feet, Divorce Rates are Down!!

We photograph and film hundreds of beautiful NYC weddings every year. The couples always appear to be deeply in love and connected. Finding that one special person to spend the rest of your life with is something most of us dream about! Sadly, high profile divorces (or conscious uncoupling as it’s being referred to) of some of our favorite stars like Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin; Heidi Klum and Seal; Katy Perry and Russell Brand; Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony and Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes(remember that “coach surfing” Oprah interview?) make even the most optimistic couples nervous! So our team was overjoyed to have read the recent NY Times article written by former Forbes reporter, Claire Cain Miller, debunking the myth that half of marriages end in divorce. According to her article and research done by University of Michigan economist, divorce rates are actually falling!

There are several factors that the article explores; changing gender roles (yes men cook too!) waiting later in life to get married and (our favorite) marrying for love instead of economic gain; as contributing factors to this welcomed decline. Perhaps the new same sex marriage laws being passed in the United States (about time!) is a positive contributor to this new trend as well. One of our favorite gay couples, Gary & John had been together for 38 years (talk about standing the test of time!) when we shot their beautiful wedding video!

Labor Day Weddings

Summer is quickly coming to an end but that doesn’t mean the wedding season is over! Although August is the most popular months for weddings, September is not far behind with 9.6% of US weddings occurring during that month. Summer tends to be the biggest season for weddings because it’s the perfect weather for outdoor weddings, beach weddings and it’s easier to get time off from work. Our New York wedding photographers love summer weddings and always recommend couples look into booking their wedding for Labor Day weekend! Le Image Inc recommends looking into a Labor Day Weekend wedding because it can be a very affordable time of year for weddings. It’s towards the end of the traditional wedding season so it’s cheaper in terms of wedding vendors and wedding venues. The weather is also still nice across the United States and it’s an official government holiday, guaranteeing that your friends and family will have the time off. So, consider that if you are planning a destination wedding. That being said, wedding guests often have other plans for these weekends. Also, it’s also harder and more expensive to travel on those weekends if your wedding party lives far away from your wedding venue. At the end of the day, the further in advance you can plan your wedding and let your guests know, the better! Our NYC wedding photography hopes you found this article helpful in your wedding planning. Labor Day Weekend is always a lovely time of year with…

The Biggest Wedding of 2014: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s European Wedding

Our New York wedding photography team is counting down the days until the most anticipated nuptials of the year for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. The two celebrities have only been engaged since October but the world has been following the two relentlessly. The Kimye wedding has taken on a life of its own with rumors swirling around about a wedding at Versailles, family drama and celebrity guests. So, what’s the truth about the Kardashian-West wedding of 2014? Read on for more information about this Rap star and reality TV royalty wedding. The E! Channel star is planning a two part nuptials. Guests will arrive in Paris, France and then head to Florence, Italy for the actual wedding ceremony. It is rumored that the city of Florence was chosen for Kimye’s wedding ceremony because that is the city where they conceived their first child, North West, or, ‘Nori’. Friends and family of the Keeping Up With The Kardashian Star and Yeezus will receive two exclusive tours in France before the actual wedding.  First, on this Friday, May 23rd, fashion designer, Valentino Garavani, will throw a star-studded brunch for Kim & Kanye’s wedding party at his castle just outside of Paris. The couple’s family and friends will also receive special afterhours private tour of   Palace of Versailles after their fashionable brunch celebration. After that, the Kimye wedding party will head to Forte di Belvedere, a 16-century fortress in Florence, Italy for the wedding. So, who will walk Kim Kardashian down the…

Brooklyn Wedding Venue ReBar Closes

Dumbo Brooklyn wedding venue, ReBar, closed last Friday, May 9th. The restaurant served as a gastropub and indie screening room and operated in the Dumbo area since December of 2006. The Brooklyn wedding venue was abruptly shutdown this May due to bankruptcy. The owner of ReBar, Jason Stevens, is now wanted by the IRS for  $2.5-3 million in unpaid sales tax. Many couples are now left in a lurch, as this was a popular wedding venue in the New York area. So, what can you do if your wedding was supposed to be at ReBar? Our New York wedding photographers have some suggestions below. Can you get a refund if you were supposed to have your wedding at ReBar? The answer seems like no. The owner has allegedly disappeared with around $150,000 in wedding deposit checks and $27,000 in cash. Rebar weddings generally from $130-$160 per person before tax and gratuity. Saturday night weddings require couples to reserve the bar for a minimum of $25,000. Other Brooklyn wedding venues have reached out to help out couples planning their wedding receptions. Our Brooklyn wedding photographers know of several great wedding venues that are willing to help out these distressed couples including, Brooklyn Winery, 3 West Club, and Fornino at Pier 6 in Dumbo. Our NYC Wedding Photography team at Le Image Inc is so disappointed about this recent development in our neighborhood. We hope all the couples out there find a new location for their Brooklyn Wedding! We’re sure it will…

Here Comes the Bride: Wedding Dresses from the 1775 to 2014 at Victoria & Albert’s

With the third wedding anniversary of Kate Middleton and Prince William yesterday, our New York wedding photography team has wedding dresses on our minds and weren’t not the only ones! London museum, Victoria & Albert’s, has a new exhibition titled, Wedding Dresses 1775-2014. This exhibit comes at the perfect time as the height of the wedding season is about to begin! Our NY wedding photographers have noticed an increase in the number of couples looking for vintage wedding photography inspiration to give their wedding photos a retro look. The best way to start moving in the glamorous direction of the past is to select a wedding dress with a silhouette inspired by vintage wedding dresses. One of the biggest wedding trends for 2014 is wedding dresses inspired by the 1920s, the jazz age. One interesting fact presented in the V&A exhibit is that wedding dresses weren’t always white. According to Liberty Voice, “…Traditional brides take a cue from a practice that began when Queen Victoria wed Prince Albert in 1840. Prior to the royal wedding, Victorian brides wore the best garment in their wardrobe. Colors ranged from light brown, silver and black to blue and lavender. Royalty, on the other hand, wore lavish gowns, usually embroidered brocade with metallic thread. Queen Victoria broke tradition of the silver gown, with an orange blossom wreath in her hair; the Queen opted for white silk satin, which originated the white wedding dress trend that is popular today”. So, don’t feel tied to wearing…

Best Songs for a First Dance

The first dance is the most romantic moment during a wedding reception.  Our New York wedding videographers love capturing this special moment for our couples. Our Brooklyn wedding photography team has created a list of the best songs for your wedding ceremony. “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis Presley – This 1961 pop song is perfect for your romantic first dance. The King of Rock and Roll is a staple for a rockabilly wedding or for couples who just love dancing to the oldies. “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” by Aerosmith- This song was created for the box office smash, Armageddon, in 1998. The Aerosmith ballad was such a hit that it stayed number one on the Billboard Hot 100 for four weeks. This song is perfect for those cheeky redneck wedding receptions. “Such Great Heights” by Iron & Wine– This delicate song is perfect for our Brooklyn couples throwing a hipster wedding reception. For the artistically inclined, the poetic words are a beautiful homage to your wedding day. “Stay With You” by John Legend- This 2004 song off album, Get Lifted, is a great option for your first dance as man and wife. The romantic lyrics, “love so beautiful and divine”, will make everyone tear up with joy as you and your groom waltz on the dance floor. Our wedding photography team at Le Image Inc hopes you found this article helpful for your wedding planning. The first dance is such a special moment, it’s so…

The Newest App for Brides: WedPics

Move over Instagram, WedPics is taking over! WedPics is a photo and video app that is quickly becoming one of the biggest wedding trends for 2014. The new bridal social media app allows couples, the wedding party, and guests to share photos before, during and after the wedding day. The free app works for both iphones and Android phones. The Raleigh, North Carolina company was founded in 2014. So, how does WedPics work? The wedding photo-sharing app is free and is easy to use. Users just need to download the app and then invite guests by sharing their wedding ID. You can enjoy your wedding photos on the web with slideshows and digital camera uploads. Also, your friends and family can comment on other user’s images.  Our New York wedding photography team gives our couples a similar option with our free wedding websites but what makes WedPics great in that it is accessible with your smartphone and you can interact with it just like you would on Facebook or Instagram. Currently, WedPics adds 600 new couples per day. That’s an astonishing growth rate and shows the power of the wedding industry.  According to IBIS, the $50.6 billon wedding industry is expected to grow 2.3% over the next five years. Our New York wedding photographers are so excited to hear that as that is an industry we know and love! Le Image Inc wishes to congratulate all the couples out there planning their wedding! строительные материалы дешевая гостиница киев экспедиторские услуги

Pet Weddings

It’s no secret that the pet industry is booming.  As of 2012, 62% of US households have at least one pet. And people are spending more than ever on their pets than ever before. This year, the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association projects that $58.51 billion dollars in the US will be spent on pets.  One interesting trend in the pet industry, although, it is a little eccentric, is ‘pet weddings’. What is a pet wedding? Our Le Image Inc New York wedding photography team investigates! A ‘pet wedding’ is a wedding ceremony to marry one pet to another pet. This bizarre wedding trend came to prominence in 2005 when celebrity, Pamela Anderson, arranged a wedding for her Golden Retriever, Star, and her Chihuahua, Luca, on the beach in Malibu, California. The pet wedding trend exploded and now there are tons of doggie wedding planners for “woof weddings”. They even have wedding industry professionals available to help you write your dog’s “bow vows”. In 2012, the world record was set in New York City when TV personality, Wendy Diamond, spent $250,000 on her Maltese, Lucky’s ‘puptials’. This wedding ceremony trend may not be for everyone, but it’s certainly fun to look through the wedding photos! Although our New York wedding photographers have never photographed a pet wedding, we hope to do so in the future! It may seem a little ridiculous but Le Image Inc would love to see a NY pet wedding ceremony.  It’s easier to work like a…

The Newest Wedding Trend: Vegan Weddings

One of the newest wedding trends for 2014 is having a vegan wedding ceremony and reception. For those who don’t know, being vegan is “…the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products, particularly in diet”. This includes all animal derived or made products including milk and sometimes, honey. Followers of the vegan-lifestyle also shun animal products outside of their diets and will not wear fur or leather products. Our Brooklyn wedding photographers are well acquainted with the vegan wedding ceremonies and believe it will continue to become a bigger trend, especially in New York City for 2014. So, what does a vegan wedding entail, exactly? It’s up to the couple, of course, but generally, it means a vegan cuisine wedding buffet or meal. Make sure you find a wedding caterer with experience creating vegan entrees or you could end up with a plate of plain raw vegetables.  Work with your wedding caterer to find great recipe ideas and test them out before your vegan wedding reception. Finding a chef with vegan cooking expertise will be easier in larger more cosmopolitan cities. Aside from the food, there are other vegan elements that will be part of the wedding celebration. Brides may wear non-silk vegan wedding dresses, as silk is produced by silk worms. Also the wedding party, bride and groom will wear non-leather shoes.  As for the vegan bridal makeup, the bride would use cosmetic products that are not tested on animals or made using animal products. Finally, a…

Summer Wedding Flowers

Although we’re still shivering from the cold in our New York City photo studio, we can’t stop dreaming of the summer weddings our Brooklyn wedding photographers will shoot later this year. If you’re planning your summer nuptials for 2014, you’re probably deep into your wedding planning by now and starting to feel uninspired. Fear not, engaged couples! We have some delightful inspiration and ideas for your wedding flowers and bridal bouquet that will have you feeling the warmth of the summer sun even during these chilly days of winter. 1. Craspedia- This butter colored flower hails from the daisy family and makes a splash at wedding ceremonies. It’s sculptural form adds a modern whimsical touch to your bridal bouquet. This wedding flower comes in orange, green and yellow. 2. Freesia- This delicate flower is native to the eastern side of southern Africa. The funnel-shaped flowers are fragrant and are often used in lotions, candles and perfumes. Wedding florists generally carry a range of colors of this plant from white to yellow shades, pink, red and purple. 3. Bells of Ireland- This pale green flower is symbolic of good luck and is native to Turkey, Syria and the Caucasus. This bridal flower option can be used in fresh or dried flower arrangements and is a member of the mint family. Summer wedding flowers are always such a joy to pick out. Bridal flower trends for summer tend to be made up of soft yellows, bright green and romantic purples to channel…

Wedding Trends: Blush Wedding dresses

Modern brides no longer feel limited to cream, ivory and white wedding dresses. Today, there’s whole range of options available to brides-to-be that break the rules of tradition. One color in particular that is ruling bridal fashion is blush. Actress, Jessica Biel, spearheaded the trend when she chose a pink Giambattista Valli confection for her wedding  ceremony to Justin Timberlake in 2012. Our New York wedding photographers love the colored wedding dress trend and feel it will continue to be one of the big wedding trends for 2014. If you love living life with a splash of color, check out our favorite blush colored gowns. Mark Zunio Sweetheart Sheath Gown in Silk Chiffon– This beautiful two-toned wedding dress features a sweetheart neckline with an asymmetrical waist in silk chiffon. The gorgeous wedding gown is exclusive to New York wedding dress store, Kleinfeld Bridal. The dress will cost you between $5000-8000. Vera Wang for David’s Bridal: Strapless Ball Gown with Satin Corset Bodice– Wedding dress designer, Vera Wang, has teamed up with Wedding Dress chain store, David’s Bridal, to create beautiful and affordable wedding dresses. This strapless ball gown features a corset bodice, draped tulle and is available up to size 26. The blush wedding gown is now on sale for only $749.99 and is available in 3 different colors. Ella by Rebecca Schoneveld– Handcrafted in Brooklyn, New York, the Ella dress takes its style and inspiration from 1930s glamour. The dress is made of pure silk charmeuse with a deep…

The Perils of a Destination Wedding

Many couples are now combining their wedding ceremony with their honeymoon and booking destination weddings. For those who don’t know, a “destination wedding” is a wedding held at a vacation like setting. Unlike most traditional wedding ceremonies, these wedding celebrations last far longer than a day. The biggest myth about the destination wedding is that it’s a stress-free way to plan your wedding. While most large resorts may have extensive wedding planning services, there are many challenging aspects to planning your exotic wedding. First of all, a destination wedding may not be for you if you dream of having tons of wedding guests to witness your special day. The farther the location of the wedding, the less likely your friends and family are going to be able to go. Many people can’t get that much time off work or afford the extensive travel involved with an exotic wedding. Also, you have to assume that not all of your wedding guests have their passport up to date and ready to go for your wedding ceremony. With destination weddings, couples are subject to inclement weather and other travel issues which may lead to delays with arrivals of the wedding party. Also, many of the wedding planning services many resorts have may not be complete wedding packages. Our New York Wedding photographers heartily suggest double-checking that your location includes arrangements for music, wedding flowers, the wedding cake, hairdressers, photographers and an officiant. So, when are destination weddings a great option for your wedding…

Winter Engagement Photo Shoot Ideas

December is the most popular month for proposals in the United States. With that in mind, it’s time to start planning your engagement photo shoot! Winter is a wonderful time for engagement photos in New York. Our Brooklyn engagement photographers have created a list of fabulous winter engagement photo shoot ideas for you and your loved one during this whimsical season. 1.    Central Park – The iconic Manhattan Park is a great spot for your winter engagement photos. Our New York engagement photographers also know of many great wedding locations in Central Park, if you should want to include the park in your wedding ceremony as well. Central Park is known for its romantic spots and they’re even more beautiful during the winter season with mounds of white snow and delicate snowflakes dancing through the air.  2.    The Lobby Bar at the Bowery Hotel- This luxurious East Village retreat makes for a lovely New York photo shoot location. The lobby’s décor is Art Deco-inspired with plush velvet couches throughout the bar. The fireplace is also spectacular and makes a great spot for cozy couples’ photos.  3.    Brooklyn Botanic Gardens- Although the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens is thought of as being a great New York summer wedding location, it’s beautiful in winter.  It’s free during the weekdays of winter until February. There are several flowers still in bloom and the structures of the trees are so striking against the snow. We hope this list of winter engagement photo shoot ideas by our…

The History of the Wedding Garter

What is a wedding garter and what is its purpose exactly? Many bride and grooms to be are often unsure of this wedding tradition even though it’s such a standard practice at wedding receptions in the United States.  Our New York wedding photographers have been in the wedding industry for three years and even they are clueless about this wedding tradition! The origin of the garter toss at weddings derives from a 14th century tradition in France. Back then, the bride and groom had to show proof of consummating the marriage after the wedding night. The friends and family of the couple would stay in the room and obtain the wedding garter as ‘proof’ of the consummation. Another common tradition from centuries ago was the ripping apart of the wedding dress while on the bride as anything worn by the bride was considered ‘good luck’. The garter toss became a part of the wedding reception out of modesty for the bride. Today, the garter toss consists of the groom taking off the garter from the bride at the wedding reception. The garter toss takes places after the bride tosses her bridal bouquet. The bride wears the bridal garter on her right leg, a few inches above the knee and her husband is to take it off with either his hands or teeth and throw it to the groomsmen. The groomsman who catches the garter is considered ‘lucky’ and ‘the next to be married’. Although the history behind the wedding garter…

Wedding Reception Centerpieces without Flowers

Beautiful wedding reception centerpieces without flowers are a great wedding decor option for the modern bride! This is just one of the new wedding trends for 2014, which we discussed in one of our previous articles: Many brides feel lost when searching for the wedding reception floral arrangements because the flowers for the season of their wedding are not to their liking or their colors don’t match their wedding décor color palette. This past season, our New York wedding photographers have noticed the trend of wedding receptions centerpieces that rely on simple elegance and not flowers for their beauty. Flowerless wedding centerpieces are a great option for any wedding style. For beach wedding receptions, glass vessels or votive centerpieces filled with coral make elegant wedding reception decorations. Natural coral comes in many different shapes, sizes and colors but we recommend small white coral for your summer-inspired wedding centerpieces. Another option for beach wedding reception centerpieces would be to include pieces of driftwood found on the beach. For rustic wedding receptions, there are plenty of great options for wedding reception centerpieces. For vintage inspired wedding decorations, use old hardback books and candles on your wedding reception tables. Another great idea for retro-inspired wedding reception centerpieces are hand-painted serving-wear filled with fruit, like clementines and oranges. You can also add other non-floral plants, like succulents to give your rustic wedding décor a more southwestern flair. There are so many great options for wedding centerpieces that flowers are no longer necessary to…

Wedding Trends for 2014

Le Image Inc. had the great pleasure of attending the Atelier Pronovias and Elie Saab 2014 runway show in New York City this October.  The show gave our New York wedding photography team a great preview of what’s to come for weddings in 2014. Think your upcoming wedding could use a little glitz? Then 2014 will be a perfect year for your wedding ceremony! Wedding décor will still be gaga for Gatsby next year. The wedding trend of over the top glamor, sparkle and textured fabrics will be still be in Vogue for 2014. For wedding reception décor, try using a great-textured tablecloth like quilted leather and elaborate wedding centerpieces. One of the speakers at the event, Maya Kalman, of Swank Productions, recommend using patterns and other interesting materials for wedding reception table top decoration, such as all feather center pieces. The glitz, glamour and sparkle of wedding décor also translated to the bridal show runway, as well. The runway show consisted of 25 different wedding gowns by bridal designer, Elie Saab. The Great Gatsby trend is alive and well in wedding dresses for 2014. The dresses all used layered textures and were paired with full-length veils decorated with applique flowers. Sleeves are also another big trend for wedding dresses for next year. Illusion sleeves, cap sleeves, and full-length lace sleeves will be one of the biggest bridal trends for 2014. High Victorian-inspired necklines are also very prominent in Elie Saab’s newest wedding dress collection. The runway models were also…

Wedding Invitations – Things to Look for

Choosing your wedding invitations can be a fun yet stressful aspect of wedding planning.  The wedding invitation sets the mood of the wedding ceremony to your friends and family by defining your wedding’s style. Our New York wedding photographers and wedding team here at Le Image Inc has compiled a list of our top tips for finding your perfect wedding invitations! 1. Do Your Research- It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when digging through all the samples at your local wedding stationary store. If you come in with a basic idea or style for the wedding cards, the wedding invitation specialist can help point you in the direction that fits with your wedding day aesthetic, instead of showing you every past invitation they made. 2. Make Sure It’s Easy to Read– Although this may sound obvious, we have seen many beautiful wedding invites with swirling wedding calligraphy that made it impossible to read any of the wedding day information. If you choose to use calligraphy on your wedding invitations, make sure the key information like wedding venue, date and time are completely legible. 3. Consider Size- It’s easy to get sucked into those fun oversized wedding invites but remember, you’re the one who will be stuck paying for the extra postage on those cards. Oversized cards can also mean that your friends and family who live in apartments or condos may have an issue of receiving your invite due to tiny New York mailboxes. 4. Know the Exact Number You’ll Need- It sounds obvious,…

Fall Wedding Flower Trends

With the end of Indian summer comes one of the most popular seasons for weddings: fall!  September has now become one of the most popular months for wedding ceremonies, surpassing the traditional season of summer for weddings.  Keeping that in mind, if you’re planning your own fall nuptials, it’s time to pick out your wedding flowers! The flowers you choose for the reception centerpieces and bridal bouquet will all be captured by your wedding photographer, so be sure to put plenty of thought into it. Here in New York, we are very spoiled with all the different varieties of flowers that are available for purchase but we have compiled a list of gorgeous fall flowers that are available across the country for all of our brides. 1. Dahlias- This beautiful structured flower hails from Mexico and other parts of Central America and Colombia. This option for flowers is at full bloom in September and therefore, is abundant and cheap for fall weddings! What’s great about this flower is that it comes in a variety of sizes, from mini-sized (perfect for boutonnieres) to nearly 10 inches in diameter (a great option for centerpieces at the wedding reception). Dahlias also come is every shade, although we recommend the marigold colored dahlias for your autumn ceremony. 2. Chocolate Brown Roses- This newest fall wedding flower trend is sure to be a hit with brides! Chocolate brown roses are a new hybridized shade for the traditional wedding flower and it looks great with fall…

The Dangers of a Wedding Photography Shots List

Here at Le Image, Inc. we love our brides! Your excitement for planning your special day is truly inspiring. Brides can get so wrapped up in the wedding planning process that they spend hours pouring over wedding images on websites like Pinterest, Tumblr and the Knot. While it’s a great thing that there is so much bridal advice available online, there is one popular piece of bad wedding advice that has making the rounds that has affected even our wedding photographers here in New York. The issue at hand, the creation of an extensive wedding photography shot list by the bride or groom may at first seem like a good idea, but that is not the case. As a Type-A, to-do list queen, I certainly understand the desire to create a huge list of desired photos for your wedding day. You only get one time to do it right and you want to make sure it’s captured the way you want, right? Well, take a deep breath in and realize that sometimes its best to let go. I know it can be hard to trust a wedding photographer with capturing your special day but realize that you picked this person to do your wedding photography because you liked their work and could see their skill level and experience through their previously shot weddings. So what makes a wedding photo shot list so bad? For one, it will make all your wedding pictures seem stiff and forced. The wedding photographer will…

New York Fall Engagement Photography Ideas

If you’re anything like the wedding photography team at Le Image, you must be so excited that fall is finally here. Fall in New York, and the east coast in general, is a wonderful season and a perfect time to schedule your engagement photo shoot! September is quickly becoming one of the most popular months for weddings and it’s easy to see why. September is full of great 3-day weekends (Columbus Day & Labor Day), it’s still pleasant weather and the beginning of autumn is always a magical and romantic season.  Our wedding photographers also suggest that September and October are great months for engagement photos. Below is a list of our top three engagement photo ideas for fall. 1. Central Park – Central Park is always the perfect venue for New York Wedding photography but fall really brings the park to life! Starting in October, the New York City trees start to change color and the beautiful fall leaves can provide a great background for your couple’s photos. If you’re stumped for engagement poses or inspiration, take a blanket and picnic basket and have the engagement photographer take pictures of you and your loved one enjoying the outdoors! 2. Pumpkin Patch – Do we have any “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” fans? If so, channel your inner Linus and Sally and find a great pumpkin patch for your engagement pictures. Pumpkin picking is a great fall engagement photography idea and provides you tons of props for your photos. Also, natural…

Bridal Lingerie 102: Finding your Wedding Lingerie

Finding the perfect wedding undergarments can be such a challenge for brides-to-be that we decided to write a second wedding blog article about it. Below are our top three tips on finding the perfect bridal undergarments for your wedding dress and for your wedding night. Examine the Fabric of your Wedding Dress– Before venturing to find your bridal underwear, really pay attention to the construction of your wedding dress.  Is it a silky a-line dress? Then perhaps you should avoid lacey lingerie and pick a bra and panty combination that won’t show under the material. Also, consider how you’d like your body to look in your dress. Our New York wedding photographers often have clients who express sentiments like “Oh, I wish I had bought a push-up bra for my wedding dress, I really wanted to fill out the top the neckline more”, after viewing their wedding photos. Pick your Lingerie Before your Fitting– Having worked both in the fields of wedding photography and lingerie sales in New York, this is one wedding dress tip that I can honestly say will save you so much time and money! Many brides get fitted for their wedding dress before finding their wedding undergarments which sticks them with the problem of finding bridal underwear and bras that fit with the measurements of their altered dress. Remember, once a dress is altered, it cannot be changed. Find lingerie that that will give you a perfect shape before having a tailor fit your wedding dress….

A Perfect Marriage Proposal: Disney Engagements

Many people struggle to plan their proposals for their loved ones. Television and Hollywood have put tons of pressure on planning the perfect proposal, which can add even more anxiety to the situation of asking someone to marry you. One great option is to propose during a vacation, as you and your partner will both be in more romantic mood in a beautiful setting. So, where to vacation? Have you ever been to Disneyland, Disneyworld or on Disney Cruise? If you haven’t guessed yet, this blog post will breakdown the most magical engagements on Earth! Disney is well known for their customer service and their concierge services for engagements go even more above and beyond than you could have dreamed. For our East Coast couples, Disney Cruise Line now departs out of New York, making it easier than ever for a cruise. According to their websites, they can help you plan a marriage proposal on the deck of their ships or on the beautiful shores of their beach location, Castaway Cay. One great feature for couples is that Disney has the ability to provide you with professional photographers to photograph your proposal and your loved one’s reaction so you can share these memories with your friends and family. All three of the Disney resort options offer assistance with planning proposals and even break down their suggestions and ideas by categories: “Simple and Romantic”, “Signature Disney” and “Over the Top”. Keep in mind the busiest month for proposals in the Disney…