Conservatory Garden

The only wedding location in Central Park requiring a seperate permit fee of $400, the Conservatory Garden is the perfect elopement choice for couples seeking a less crowded and more formal location for their wedding ceremony. The main entrance is on Fifth Avenue and 105th Street. Couples and their guest are ushered in through the Vanderbilt gate, a wrought iron gate featuring an intricate design of swirls and arches. The garden is made up of three smaller gardens that include a 12-foot high fountain, a French inspired showcase of season flowers and an English style garden. The lawns of the popular elopement location are mitucalously maintained and this part of Central Park is officially designated a “quiet zone”. Our photography elopement team have captured several beautiful weddings here and are never disappointed! Since it’s less crowded and quieter than some of the more downtown Central Park locations, it’s also great for capturing wedding videos as well.