Casual Home Engagement

They say “home is where the heart is” and since that’s probably where you and your honey spend most of your time together (and your paycheck if you live in NY) then it’s only natural to consider a casual home engagement shoot to celebrate your upcoming wedding! Our photographers find that couples tend to be most comfortable in familiar settings, doing what comes naturally, like reading a book , or even a engaging in a playful basketball game like this adorable couple did. Not only do you avoid the crowds in a public location but you can even stay in your pjs and enjoy a cup of coffee while gaining beautiful candid engagement photos (that’s how a New Yorker multitasks!). I know what you’re thinking, “I live in New York City, my apartment is the size of a sardine can!” Not to worry, whether you live in a Manhattan studio, a Brooklyn loft (or a proverbial sardine can as previously mentioned) our team will be sure to capture you (and your home) perfectly! Give us a call to set up your shoot today!