Editorial Style Wedding Photography

Chances are if you have ever thumbed through a fashion magazine you have seen editorial style photography first hand. Editorials are used to illustrate a story.. in the wedding genre, this style of photography is often referred to as “lifestyle wedding photography” or “artistic wedding photography” and tends to be less traditional. Many couples prefer this style of wedding photography as it really tells the story of your wedding day through the images.

With the increase in NYC elopements and other types of less traditional wedding celebrations.. more and more couples are moving away from the “classic wedding photography” style in favor or more creative options like editorial style wedding photography. So how do you decide if editorial style wedding photography is right for you? First let’s explore what this style of wedding photography is all about..

If you and your fiance have been planning your NYC wedding and noticed that you tend to like unique NYC wedding venues or hate the idea of posing for wedding photos for hours while you “stare at each other lovingly” then editorial wedding photography style may be right for you.

Editorial style of photography is typically captured with the intention of telling a story through the images and for very talented editorial style wedding photographers like ours, also relaying the emotion of that moment through the photographs! Many of our NYC wedding clients say they want to “relive their wedding day” through their wedding photography. Anyone who has ever attended an NYC wedding knows how quickly the wedding day goes by. It’s impossible for couples to experience every part of the wedding they spent so much time planning and often hire their wedding photographer with the expectation that they will be able to experience those lost moments through their wedding photographs! Couples want to see their big day unfold from beginning to end when they look at their wedding photos. After all, your wedding photography is one of the few tangible items you will have to remember everything after the big day is over!

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Editorial style wedding photography gives you that option and more. Editorial style wedding photography combines a lifestyle photography with a “candid” and often artistic approach. From the teary-eyed gaze of your mother as you put on your wedding veil to the look of anticipation on your groom’s face before you walk down the aisle, our NYC wedding photographers are experts at capturing all these moments in an editorial style!

Post production (editing done on the photos after they are taken) plays a big part in editorial style wedding photography as well. Editorial style wedding photography takes advantage of dramatic lighting and color treatments like black and white wedding photography. Couples who prefer this style of wedding photography typically like the style of photography found in fashion magazines.

Fortunately our wedding photographers have had the opportunity to work in many different genres giving them a unique eye and diverse background in this wedding photography style..

The best way to really know if editorial style wedding photography is for you is to look through some of the editorial style wedding photos our team has captured below….

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